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Banggereng Australian CattledogsNetherlands Dog Breeders
Banggereng Australian Cattledogs

New breeder in the Netherlands, breed under the rules of RvB/ FCI and the ACD-breederclub.

All pups will be growing up in the family and get all their healthchecks and hearingtest at 6 weeks. We try to breed healthy, working dogs who're our best friend and joy.

Australian Cattle Dog

New Era PitbullsNetherlands Dog Breeders
New Era Pitbulls

We are small up and coming kennel located in Netherlands. The main focus in our kennel is to breed physically and mentally enormous strong and healthy American Pitbulls with great working qualities.

Our kennel is not a typical or traditional Pitbull kennel. We are specialized in breeding blue and champagne XL to XXL sized Pitbulls with great muscle mass, heavy bones, huge heads and a overall proportional look. This is why we work with the best of the best bloodlines from the top kennels / breeders from the USA.

We keep our dogs in house and spend much time and energy to keep them happy. Our dogs and puppies will be well educated and socialized to become the ultimate family companions.

The Am. Pitbull has get a bad reputation for a long time because the breed was frequently owned from people with the wrong intentions. We will like to prevent this that is why we will have a puppy contract and would like to always keep in contact with you to see what has become from our puppies.

We guarantee you to always be honestly treated and answer all of your questions if possible. Feel free to contact us anytime.

With kind regards,
New Era Pitbulls

American Pit Bull Terrier

La Cuba Cao HavaneseNetherlands Dog Breeders
La Cuba Cao Havanese

We are a little breeder in the Netherlands.


Krilulok siberian husky kennelNetherlands Dog Breeders
Krilulok siberian husky kennel

Siberian husky kennel en sleddogteam. From the netherlands. Races in Europe.

Siberian Husky

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