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Limbonsnest American Akita & Welsh Corgi PembrokeNetherlands
American Akita & Welsh Corgi Pembroke

Limbonsnest American Akita & Welsh Corgi Pembroke Kennel. We Breed quality dogs and with an excellent health. All puppies are raised in homely room. For more information you can contact us by E-mail or phone. Or take a look at our website.

American Akita         Welsh Corgi Pembroke

of Lovely Lady's ValleyNetherlands
of Lovely Lady's Valley

We are breeding of lovely Jack russell terrier's and we breed with Australian and Dutch bloodlines.

Visit our website for more information and many pictures.

Jack Russell Terrier

from Bri-Jos homeNetherlands
from Bri-Jos home

Everything about our Leonbergers, puppy's, breed and studdogs. We hope that you enjoy our homepage where you can find many information about our Leonbergers. Every leonberger and all our breed puppy's have his/her own photo-album.

If you want more information you can contact us per email, or phone (we speak and write a little Eglisch and a little German).


Lizjernanjo's LeonbergersNetherlands
Lizjernanjo's Leonbergers

Take a view at our site and see our Leonbergers!!
Greetings and hope to see you soon,


Kennel van de Josephina's HoeveNetherlands
Kennel van de Josephina's Hoeve

We breed standard whirehaired dachs.


Dobermann Kennel Grande NoblesseNetherlands
Grande Noblesse Dobermann Kennel

We invite you to take a look at our website. It's full of information, pictures and results.


fan'e Sudewyn StabyhounNetherlands
fan'e Sudewyn

Information about the Frisian Pointer in general and on our dogs in particular. The Stabyhoun is a continental pointing dog that originates from the Netherlands. It's a pleasant family companion as well as an excellent working dog. But since it's a rare breed, it's not well known for its working abilities.

With our kennel, we aim to contribute to the breed itself, and with our site to its familiarity as a working dog.


.V 'T Sint Florie Dal - onze mopshondenNetherlands
.V 'T Sint Florie Dal - onze mopshonden

Whe are breeders from fawn and black pugs, Whe live in de south of Netherlands.


Teckels v.d.Mibaf'sHoeve Sinds 1973Netherlands
Teckels v.d.Mibaf'sHoeve Sinds 1973

I am a breeder from all variety's dachshunds. Standard, mini, kaninchen. All FCI colors. My specialty is smoothhair and longhair in dapple color and brindle.


Maya Kosa American Staffordshire TerriersNetherlands
Maya Kosa

Health conciouse breeder of quality heritage, pure bred American Staffordshire terriers based on the Chasqui bloodline. Based in the Netherlands, provinding quality dogs for approved homes. Feel free to have a look at our website!

American Staffordshire Terrier

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