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Russkaja Mechta Dobermann kennelNetherlands Dog Breeders
RUSSKAJA MECHTA Dobermannkennel

The kennel Russkaja Mechta was founded in 1990 in Russia and is since 1995 also active in the Netherlands. The founder and owner of the kennel FCI judge Nadjia Timmermans-Kadenko welknown as having knowledge about not only one breed but about the dog in general. Author of the popular book series "The World of Dobermanns" Ambition, Experience, Quality, Health and Good care is the core of her work.

- Russkaja Mechta strives for excellence in all facets of the Dobermann breed. Particular attention is given to Health, Temperament and Confirmation.
-Russkaja Mechta dogs were given many champions titles on both show- and working- competitions. Some of them is world known and sucessful.


Pembroke kennel Y Ddraig GochNetherlands Dog Breeders
Y Ddraig Goch Pembroke kennel

I Pembroke breeder from Holland. We breed with a lot of love for the breed. Our Pembrokes are our housedog's with a own Corgi-bedroom and playroom. I breed somtime's a litter with the best of intentions to the Welsh Corgi Pembroke. I am member of the NWCC and the NvP.

Welsh Corgi Pembroke

From Little Action American Cocker SpanielsNetherlands Dog Breeders
From Little Action

American Cockers only Parti Color. When you will now more about my dogs. Take a look on my website.

American Cocker Spaniel

Saarlooswolfhondenkennel YumojaNetherlands Dog Breeders
Saarlooswolfhondenkennel Yumoja

Welkom op de website van kennel Yumoja.
Kennel van de Saarlooswolfhond.

Wilt u zich orienteren in het ras neem dan even een kijkje op de pagina s van mijn website. Daar vind u alles over de saarlooswolfhond en onze honden.

Wilt u meer weten over pups en waar u op moet letten als u een saarlooswolfhonden pup aanschaft, neem dan even contact met ons op.


Leonberger kennel of UsquebaughThe Netherlands Dog Breeders
of Usquebaugh Leonberger kennel

A lot of pictures, show results, etc, ...
Site in, English, Dutch, French and German.


Dansk Dynasty Engelse PointersThe Netherlands Dog Breeders
DANSK DYNASTY Engelse Pointers

DANSK DYNASTY Engelse Pointers for show and trials.

Dansk Dynasty Pointers, a Dutch English Pointer breeder, for field and Show, who breeds only with dogs which have been certified for H.D.

English Pointer

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