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Enormous FCI Hovawart KennelPoland republic Dog Breeders
ENORMOUS FCI Hovawart Kennel

We invite you to visit our homepage to meet our hovawarts who we love since 1994. We are home kennel, of only imported dogs and abroad breedings. Our dogs have most important show titles in the world. They are healthy with german healthy tests, trained and showed throught the whole Europe.

Only in year 2009 there were born in our kennel 3 FCI World Winners. From time to time we have exclusive litters of german pedigrees (all three colours possible). We speak english, german and russian.


Tesoro Mio KennelPoland republic Dog Breeders
Tesoro Mio Kennel

Hovawart kennel from Poland. You are very welcome to visit our web site and find out about us, puppies and recent events :-)


z Przemożnej Chętki Bichon HavanaisPoland Dog Breeders
z Przemożnej Chętki Bichon Havanais

"Family members and home living Havanesers imported from Finnish and German kennels with leading bloodlines in their pedigrees - please do visit our website to learn more, especially about the puppies born in our kennel - already winning in the Dog Shows and also other who just started their lives. You are most welcome!"


Metheora FCI hodowla psów manchester terrierPoland Dog Breeders
hodowla psów manchester terrier

METHEORA is a small, home kennel of Manchester Terrier dog breed. Manchesters enchanted me with beauty and elegance and unique character.

Manchester Terrier

Hodowla Zbójecka Saga Australian Cattle DogPoland Dog Breeders
Hodowla Zbójecka Saga
Australian Cattle Dog

Anyone who loves dogs, dreaming about a dog and wants to have a dog, the dog for him. Australian Cattle Dog is a dog unique. This dog, love, fidelity, great adventure.

Australian Cattle Dog

Alive SilverPoland Dog Breeders
Alive Silver

Welcome to Alive Silver. We have a breeding kennel in Poland and we would like to say hello to all eurobreeder users. If you'd like to get more info about me and my dogs browse ...


Carski Trakt Kennel FCIPoland Dog Breeders
Carski Trakt Kennel FCI

Hodowla Wyżłów Weimarskich Carski Trakt.

Weimaraner Short Haired

Apocatequil Chihuahuas KennelPoland Dog Breeders
APOCATEQUIL Chihuahuas Kennel

We invite You to visit our APOCATEQUIL kennel's website. We haven't got a big kennel, but we are people with ambitions and we breed only best dogs, to have best health and best character. We haven't got a lot of experience, but we love chihuahua so much, and we expend all our care to make this breed better and better.


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