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Ninja-san KennelPoland
Ninja-san Kennel

Welcome to Ninja-san Kennel !!!

We are part of the growing Polish group of Tosa-maniacs. We are a team consisting of two families, Małgosia and Waldek Burtkiewicz, and Iwona and Paweł Swenson and their daughter Maja. On our site you will find much information on the cute race - the tosa, as well as on our dogs. You will also find out how to feed and bring up those beautiful animals.  We encourage you to browse through the abundant photo gallery and leave a note in our Guest book.The Burtkiewicz and Swenson families

By the way we would like to announce that 23 January 2010 wonderful little tosa puppies was born-the offspring of Ninja, twice World Winner and Europe Winner, and twice Club Winner (2007, 2009), and Barbie, a Junior Poland Champion and the Club Winner in 2009.


Hokus Pokus z PerlowejPoland
Hokus Pokus z Perlowej

We breed rabbit, miniature and standard Dachshunds longhaired. Our kennel is based on good type Dachshunds with friendly character and we try to make good choice with breeding combinations. We love dogs and Dachshunds are our beloved breed and it helps us in breeding.


Diamantina Force Australian Cattle DogPoland
Diamantina Force

I am a breeder of Australian Cattle Dog in Poznan, in Poland. My assumption breeding is: healthy dogs, only with PRA A, bilateral hearing and show quality :)

Australian Cattle Dog

Malinois Kennel Extreme SpitfirePoland
Extreme Spitfire Malinois Kennel

Small kennel of belgian malinois. All about malinois!

Belgian Shepherd Dog - Malinois

Hodowla z Lasow PreczowskichPoland
Hodowla z Lasow Preczowskich

Site devoted to three breeds of dogs breeding, Weimaraner, Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, Thai Ridgeback. Our dogs win high marks for exhibitions. We are inviting cordially.

Weimaraner         Czeslovakian Wolfdog         Thai Ridgeback Dog

Bisurman Tibetan MastiffPoland

Hodowla BISURMAN zaprasza do odwiedzin naszej strony internetowej i rezerwacji szczeniąt.

Tibetan Mastiff

Grand Sen FCIPoland
Grand Sen (FCI)

Standard Schnauzers Pepper & Salt from Poland.

Standard Schnauzer

Psie Szelmy kennel Parson Russell TerriersPoland
Psie Szelmy kennel
Parson Russell Terriers

Psie Szelmy it is a small kennel of Parson Russell Terriers in Poland. Our dogs live as a pets at home, we often take a part in a dog shows with high score and dogs sports like agility. Parson Russell Terrier it is our passion and love!

Parson Russell Terrier

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