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Kennel Perla BrzeszczPoland
Kennel Perla Brzeszcz

The "Perla Brzeszcz" Kennel was established in 1995, and its located in a beatiful small village in Brzeszcze. From the very beginning we have put the most in effort to create an excellent outcome of our hard work. The Kennel has become our passion and life where every dog is being handled individually from the day its dorn.

We create an outlook for the dog where health, character, personality and well being is a priority to make sure the dog will have the best from their life as it continues its journey. We keep contact with the new owners being that we care of our dogs from the begging until end...
Our client success if our success and a reason for pride.


Surdykowska FCIPoland

The purpose of my breeding is the development of the best features of a breed and showing the importance of having a four legged friend and how devoted one can be. I put pressure on strong psychic, brave character and dogs' health.

My dogs achieve success not only in dog shows but they also take part in different sports such as agility, flyball, obiedience and dogtherapy. It's my honor to invite You to look at the beautiful galeries of my dogs' life.

Collie Rough       Shetland Sheepdog

Ekstrawagancja FCI Giant Schanuzers Pepper & SaltPoland
Ekstrawagancja FCI
Giant Schanuzers Pepper & Salt

My dogs are family members. They are trained and showed by myself. Puppies are occasionally - quality is the most important not quantity. I try to learn as much as possible about breeding, showing, trainngs, dog behaviour.

I am also judge's assistant for show. World is cruel also for schnauzers so I am volunteer who try to help new homes for homeless and poor schanuzers.

Giant Schnauzer

Double Vision FCIPoland
Double Vision FCI

Welcome to shetland sheepdog, border collie & papillon kennel.

Shetland Sheepdog     Border Collie     Papillon

Nirse FCIPoland
Nirse FCI

Welcome to basenji & whippet kennel.

Our device: quality not quantity.

Basenji         Whippet

Dwie Twarze - home breeding PRTPoland
Dwie Twarze - home breeding PRT

One of the first in Poland, home breeding Parson Russell Terrier, where the great love and passion is reflected in the quality of reared puppies. Welcome to us!

Parson Russell Terrier

Kennel French Bulldogs & Great Dane Król Arlekin FCIPoland
Król Arlekin FCI
Kennel French Bulldogs & Great Dane

The best "Król Arlekin FCI" - The best world bloodlinest - French bulldog & Graet Dane!!! Excellent association! Outstanding parents! The best world bloodlines!!! Interested we are inviting to the contact with us.

Excellent pup to Dog show with kennel documentation!! French Bulldogs One of the famous kennels of Poland "Król Arlekin FCI" We specialize in French Bulldogs  and  Great Dane. All of our puppies are health guaranteed have all up todate vaccinations and dewormings and are well socialized. If you are looking for a pup o join your family then please contact us and view our website.

French Bulldog         Great Dane

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