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Kennel od Masumi FCIPoland
Kennel od Masumi FCI
Shar Pei i Australian Silky Terrier

Small, home kennel in Poland of Shar Peis & Australian Silky Terriers - od Masumi FCI. On my site informations: from shows, about planed puppies, forum. You can see more on my own site.

Strona hodowli psów rasy Shar Pei i Australian Silky Terrier - od Masumi FCI. Posiadamy okazjonalnie szczenięta wysokiej klasy obu ras. Na stronie informacje o planowanych miotach, wieści z wystaw i wiele więcej. Zapraszam równiez do odwiedzenia naszego forum.

Shar Pei         Australian Silky Terrier

Freedome Choice FCI Siberian HuskyPoland
Freedome Choice FCI - siberian husky

Strona hodowli psów rasy siberian husky Freedome Choice FCI. Zapraszamy!

Siberian Husky

Akita u Izis FCI - Akita Inu & Shikoku KennelPoland
Akita u Izis FCI
Akita Inu & Shikoku Kennel

I have japan akita since 1997 (from Japan, Spain, England, Czech Republic) and japan shikoku since 2006 (only in Poland).

All my dogs are free from displasia and free from genetics eyes diseases. Puppies from my kennel live in UK, USA, Italy, Puerto Rico, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Osterreich, Latvia and France.

Akita         Shikoku

Od Deptusiow Pomeranian's KennelPoland
OD DEPTUSIOW Pomeranian's Kennel

Hello from Poland - send Pomeranian's from Kennel OD DEPTUSIOW. Please visitng our Webside. We have Pom's in interesting coloures (black and tan, black and silver, creme, graugewolkt). Best wisches for all from Poland.


Kennel 'ex Cubile Lamia' FCIPoland
Kennel 'ex Cubile Lamia' FCI

Welcome to our Kennel "ex Cubile Lamia" FCI.

Dogue de Bordeaux       Mastino Napoletano


Tayekuna KennelPoland

Pugs: females (black & beige) and stud dog (black)and puppies.


Z Pierwszej Ręki FCI KennelPoland
Z Pierwszej Ręki FCI - Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky Z Pierwszej Ręki FCI kennel from Poland!

Siberian Husky

Kłusująca Sfora FCI KennelPoland
Kłusująca Sfora FCI - Polish hunting dog

Hodowla psów rasy gończy polski Kłusująca Sfora FCI.

Polish Hunting Dog

Finigan KennelPoland
Finigan American Akitas

Breeder of American Akitas & White Toy Poodles.

American Akita         White Toy Poodle

Pyrenean Mastiff

Sonata Arctica KennelPoland
Sonata Arctica Samoyeds

We are small new Samoyed Kennel in Poland. We breed only with healthy dog in hips and eyes. Quality, not quantity :-)


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