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Bargest Griffons & Yorkshire TerriersPoland Dog Breeders
BARGEST - Griffons & yorkshire terrier

Int.Ch.Griotte Corsairey Casch,
Int.Ch.Xawier Bargest, Int.Ch.Whisky Bargest,
Ch.Pl Amur Udachlivy Strelok For Imgosbull, Ch.Moldavii Ali-Be v.d.Platte Belskes.

Brussels Griffon         Belgian Griffon         Petit Brabancon         Yorkshire Terrier

Kennel Stellanova pug & franch bulldogPoland Dog Breeders
Kennel Stellanova pug & franch bulldog

Kennel Stellanova - Our dogs have following titles: International Champion, Champion of Poland, Champion of Russia, Champion of Czech Republic, Best of Europe, Best of Poland, Best of Club, Best of Breed, Best of Group, Best of Junior, Best in Show Puppy, Best in Show Junior, Best in Show, Best Female of Club.

All our life we deal with animals, mostly with dogs. Our favorite breeds are: pugs which are always in a good mood and French bulldogs wishing to play all the time. In our kennel we try to fulfill all the rules and our dogs are in a very good shape what could be seen on the shows. We show our dogs frequently participating in most of the shows organized by Polish Kennel Club. We took orders/sell French bulldog and pug puppies. The film “ The alphabet of breeds” was recorded in our kennel. The well known journal” My dog” decided to choose our farm to present the portrait of pugs. Many pictures were taken and then presented in different journals and newspapers. In our kennel was also recorded a film “ Our pets”. Our French bulldogs, pugs and basenji dogs participated in “ Szymon Majewski show”, one of the most popular talk show in Polish TV.

French Bulldog         Pug

Labrador Retriever Robbie Imre z Krywaldowej KolibyPoland Dog Breeders
ROBBIE IMRE z Krywaldowej Koliby

I am living in Poland, I have more then 100 labs.

Labrador Retriever

Akogareno FCI Akita InuPoland Dog Breeders
AKOGARENO (FCI) Hodowla Akit

Jesteśmy domową hodowlą japońskich psów rasowych Akita Inu. W swojej hodowli mamy import z Japonii z którym wiążemy swoją przyszłość. Nie jest to ostatni import z kraju "kwitnącej wiśni" Już wkrótce następne. Zapraszamy do obejrzenia naszej strony.

Akita Inu

Nowofundlandy z Potockiego DworuPoland Dog Breeders
Z Potockiego Dworu - Nowofundlandy

Strona hodowli psów rasy nowofundland - Z Potockiego Dworu. Na stronie fotogaleria naszych psów, rodowody, szczenięta w hodowli oraz zapowiedzi miotów. Serdecznie zapraszamy.


Dolina Rivendell FCI Miniature SchnauzersPoland Dog Breeders
Miniature schnauzer

Our dogs are our live... If you would like to know us please visit our website. If you would like ask pleas write e-mail or call. We welcome!

Miniature Schnauzer

Afghan Hounds Kennel CzatyrdachPoland Dog Breeders
Czatyrdach - Afghan Hounds Kennel

Afghan Hounds from polish kennel Czatyrdach invite to their web site! Come and see pictures, news and notes from dog shows, contact with us or leave a sign in Guest Book. See why Afghan Hounds are our live, love and pride ... Enjoy!

Afghan Hound

Poodles and Chinese Crested Dogs BarbacomaPoland Dog Breeders

Welcome to my site. We have poodle dwarf sliver, poodle toy and chinese crested. We are from Poland.
See U in site:)

Poodle         Chinese Crested Dog

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