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Lav Lap Top bulldogs kennelRussia
Lav Lap Top bulldogs kennel

A small show kennel based in Moscow, Russia. Our aim is to breed bulldogs of good health, conformation, temperament, good looks and lots of personality.

English Bulldog

Tina TradingRussia
Andvol Ja Tvoj Kumir

Our website is a virtual representation of a popular and well-known Tina Trading club which breeds and sells Rhodesian Ridgebacks. For more than 100 years this wonderful breed has attracted dog fanciers in different countries.

In our club you can get to know the breed features and choose a puppy that will become a handsome, active, strong dog and devoted friend to your family.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Dansing KennelRussia
Dansing Kennel

We are pleased to welcome you to our kennel. English Bulldog - the most wonderful and amazing dog breed. Bulldog first appeared in our house in 1992. In 1993 we released our first litter with the prefix Dancing Queen, registered in RKF. In 2003, the kennel was registered Dancing in FCI.

We consolidated the blood in the kennel of many famous nurseries in England and Europe, such as OCOBO, MYSTYLE, BRITISHPRIDE, WENCAR, ICEGLINT, BLEJENHOEK. Our breeding dogs have a stable mind, perfect anatomical addition and good health, as evidenced by the longevity of our pets. Dogs Kennel stably are successfully exposed at shows of the highest rank. They are used extensively in many professional breeding kennels, both Russian and foreign. Owning a puppy purchased in our kennel, we provide comprehensive assistance and are confident that, as we do, they will love this truly amazing and wonderful breed. We hope that visiting our website will be for you an interesting and useful.

English Bulldog

Ruzh Perinion Kennel of Dogue de BordeauxRussia
Kennel of Dogue de Bordeaux

Kennel of Dogue de Bordeaux – ROUGE PERIN′ON (getting started with breed 1994). For over 20 years, a dog born with prefixed ROUGE PERIN′ON confirmed the high status of quality at the prestigious show. The kennel has a unique genes best bloods for Russia Belgium and Hungary.

Dogs imported from European catteries rating. Information on tribal dogs you can get the site commemorating of Bordeaux dogs Kennel Rouge Perin′on since the beginning of the breed. Submitted photo album with fragments portfolio mainly show-dogs for a few years of the breeders. You can always discuss your questions with the owner of kennel and held preliminary negotiations to buy a puppy.

On the site are sections on basic dogs kennel, extensive photo gallery of Bordeaux dogs section photobank contains a huge amount of wonderful author photos from different portfolio dogs made by the site owner. Here you can familiarize with provisional cost portfolio your pet at a professional photographer by animal painter.
Pleasant viewing!

Dogue de Bordeaux

Evanssi's Collies & Shiba InuRussia
Evanssi's Collies & Shiba Inu

Rough Collie & Shiba Inu kennel.

Collie Rough         Shiba

Питомник Невская Авация - Русский
Питомник Невская Авация - Русский той

…Вы на сайте питомника «Невская Авация» о породе русский той. Здесь можно познакомиться с самой маленькой декоративной породой русский тойтерьер (той-терьер) и приобрести элитного щенка. Так же Вы найдете необходимую информацию о породе, сможете почитать статьи о разведении, содержании собак, посмотрите фотографии щенков русского тоя и собак нашего разведения, сможете пролистать родословные той-терьеров, подберете любимца для семьи, дома и выставок, так же Вам грамотно ответят на любой интересующий Вас вопрос о породе.

Russian Toy         Yorkshire Terrier

Panteley Grishin Syn BullmastiffRussia
Panteley Grishin Syn Bullmastiff

Приглашаем Вас посетить сайт, посвященный яркому представителю породы бульмастиф - Пантелею, сыну легендарного Грин Филла.

На сайте Вы сможете узнать все о Пантелее, его детках, посмотреть фотогалерею Пантелея и авторские фотографии его хозяйки Наталии Антоновой. Приятного просмотра!


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