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Породы собак - алфавитный список
Красноярский клуб Служебного
Красноярский клуб Служебного Собаководства

Россия. Красноярск. На сайте нашего клуба вы найдете много интересной информации о собаках и щенках разных пород, имеющихся в нашем клубе.

German Shepherd Dog Dachshund Rottweiler German Spitz

Питомник чихуахуа ИРЛИТА ( IRLITA)Russia
Питомник чихуахуа ИРЛИТА ( IRLITA)

Питомник занимается разведением собак породы Чихуахуа. Это самая маленькая порода собак.Эти собачки обаятельны, игривы, очень умны и изобретательны. Прекрасно вписываются в ритм жизни современного человека, не требует много места в доме, сложного ухода и большого количества корма.Основной целью является получения породного потомтва современного типа: здорового физически и конкурентноспособного на выставочных рингах.


Sveitana Geil pug kennelRussia
Sveitana Geil pug kennel

We have been breeding pugs for 15 years. In the nursery, a large number of dogs that have the highest titles. For more information about our dogs you can visit our site.



Kennel has been breeding dogs, Cane Corso. The breeding and exhibition activities. Puppies are always very high quality. Help to grow and advice.

Cane Corso Italiano

Inter Win Kennel papillonsRussia
Inter Win Kennel papillons

"Inter Win"-professional Russian kennel of papillons , registered in the FCI № 11131. Our kennel is located in Moscow, Russia. With kindly regards, owner of the kennel Inessa Kirilenko.


Lirmax kennelRussia
LIRMAX kennel

Welcome to my West Highland White Terrier kennel website.

West Highland White Terrier

Malpom pomeranian kennel - Питомник мальтезе МальпомRussia
Malpom pomeranian kennel
Питомник мальтезе Мальпом

Malpom is a small Pomeranian show kennel located in Moscow, Russia. Our goal is to breed top quality show Pomeranians. We do not breed often and choose the best stud to improve our lines based on the carefully selected dogs from US and Russian kennels.

Quality and health are very important to us and we make sure we breed for type, coat, temperment and harmonic anatomy. Our poms are part of our family and do not live in kennels or cages.

Питомник мальтезе Мальпом предлагает очаровательных мальтийских болонок.

Pomeranian Maltese

Питомник KARNELIKS РКФ (FCI)Russia

Kennel - "Karneliks", breeding of Swiss white shepherds. Our breeding results in healthy, and show dogs.

White Swiss Shepherd Dog

Sent Djons NewfoundlandRussia
Sent Djons Newfoundland

Our kennel is located in a big town from Russia, called Moscow. We breed Newfoundlands black & White and Black colors and leaning on good quality lines.  Our kennel Has registration at the FCI-RKF. We breed dogs for quality, show, health and splendid temperament.

We love them and we are sure that newfoundlands are the most magnificent and smart dogs in the world!  Dogs are a part of our family. Visit our Homepage.


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