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Породы собак - алфавитный список
Free Jump kennel American Staffordshire TerriersRussia
Free Jump kennel

"Free Jump" kennel existing for 15 years. Uses in breeding the dogs taken from the well-known Kennels Europe. We sell puppies with full registration. If you wish to have the puppy of the European type, write to me. We invite all amateurs am.staff to cooperation. We have very beautiful puppies for sale today.

American Staffordshire Terrier

Vento Fortuna ChihuahuasRussia

In kennel "Vento Fortuna" is conducted professional cultivation of dogs of breed Neapolitan mastif since 1998 and chihuahua since 2005. Our kennel is officially registered in RKF-FCI. Chihuahua of kennel-titled of a dog of the best Russian and Italian blood lines.

Our dogs - all members of our family. They live and successfully participate at exhibitions of any rank. Puppies of kennel are grown perfectly up, socialized and healthy, they have all obligatory inoculations and documents before move in the new house.
Welcome in our website!

Chihuahua         Neapolitan Mastiff

Fila Brasileiro Jose Dos CamposRussia
Jose Dos Campos Fila Brazileiro

The site is devoted to a dog of breed Fila Brazileiro.

Fila Brasileiro


Многопородный питомник собак "Крошка-Хорошка".

Miniature Schnauzer         Yorkshire Terrier

Miniature Spitz

Kennel Eden De SolMoscow, Russia Dog Breeders
Kennel Eden De Sol

Kennel Fila Brasileiro in Russia.

Fila Brasileiro

Kennel SantbiriRussia
Kennel Santbiri

Kennel "Santbiri". Breed: german shepherd dog, german spitz. Puppy.

German Shepherd Dog         German Spitz

Kennel Sozvezdie SaletiRussia
Kennel Sozvezdie SALETI

Kennel "Sozvezdie SALETI". Breed: russkiy toy, zwergpinscher. Shows, puppy.

Russkiy Toy         Miniature Pinscher

Pugs Persik Bis SmakRussia
Persik Bis Smak Pugs

Persik Bis Smak Kennel - Pugs. Owner Bobrova Svetlana.


Boxer Kennel Della Monte Klio FCIRussia
Kennel Della Monte Klio (FCI)

German (Deutscher) boxer's in Moscow, owned by Mrs Olga Klimenkova.

German Boxer

Kennel Kim ZonnenbergRussia
Kennel Kim Zonnenberg

I'm glad to see you on the site kennel "Kim Zonnenberg"! I have been breeding dogs following breeds - german shepherd dog, doberman, velsh corgi pembroke, russkiy toy, chihuahua. Look my favourite dogs, probably, you will find here your future favourite!

Russian toy         Chihuahua         Dobermann

German Shepherd Dog         Welsh Corgi Pembroke

Ши-Тцу КОЛЖ «НИКА»West Siberia, Russia Dog Breeders

We shall tell you about our sections and our dog. In section вывешаны results of our dogs on exhibition, information on National club shih-tzu to Russia and change on our put.  You get acquainted with Champion of our club, but in the same way with future Champion   our hope.

In section of the exhibition you may get acquainted with result монопородных exhibitions shih-tzu, timetable of the exhibitions of the miscellaneous rank on Russia and nearest зарубежья (including exhibitions on sort).

Shih Tzu

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