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Kennel Kim ZonnenbergRussia Dog Breeders
Kennel Kim Zonnenberg

I'm glad to see you on the site kennel "Kim Zonnenberg"! I have been breeding dogs following breeds - german shepherd dog, doberman, velsh corgi pembroke, russkiy toy, chihuahua. Look my favourite dogs, probably, you will find here your future favourite!

Russian toy         Chihuahua         Dobermann

German Shepherd Dog         Welsh Corgi Pembroke

Ши-Тцу КОЛЖ «НИКА»West Siberia, Russia Dog Breeders

We shall tell you about our sections and our dog. In section вывешаны results of our dogs on exhibition, information on National club shih-tzu to Russia and change on our put.  You get acquainted with Champion of our club, but in the same way with future Champion   our hope.

In section of the exhibition you may get acquainted with result монопородных exhibitions shih-tzu, timetable of the exhibitions of the miscellaneous rank on Russia and nearest зарубежья (including exhibitions on sort).

Shih Tzu

Dachshund Kennel Sky SpiritRussia Dog Breeders
Kennel Sky Spirit

We are breeding long- and wirehaired dachshunds all versions in Russia. We breed for good temperament, beauty and working (fox and blood-tracking).


Kennel of Wheaten terrier and Black terrier Franko Valada'sRussia Dog Breeders
Kennel of Wheaten terrier and Black terrier

This is the professional kennel of Black Russian terrier and Irish Soft Coated Wheaten terrier. We have been engaged in breeding and showing Black Russian terriers since 1993. We have dogs of our breeding in many countries of Europe, Asia and USA. With love, FRANKO VALADA'S!

Black Terrier         Irish Soft Coated Wheaten terrier

MonteckelRussia Dog Breeders
Monteckel - Kaninchen
& miniature longhaired teckels

Family kennel of longhaired mini & kaninchen teckels, focused on English-type teckel breeding.


Personal site Dachshund standart kurzhaarRussia Dog Breeders

Welcome to our site! We are breeding show-quality smooth-haired standart and wire-haired miniature dachshunds. Take a look at our beloved dogs, maybe you will find here your future puppy!


Great Danes Kennel S Isaevskogo PodvoryaRussia Dog Breeders

Blue great danes in Moscow. The kennel is registered in FCI in 2002, but breeding of danes we are engaged, since 1992.

Great Dane

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