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Northspring Siberian HuskiesHungarySerbia
Northspring Siberian Huskies

Our Kennel was established with honour, because of the respect and love of our dogs.
We try to make our dogs known either in sport or shows.
We have only as many dogs as we can handle.
We have puppies only when we need one, so there will be no waste in our Kennel.
We breed only with healthy and good homour.
We try to give everything what they need to our dogs and their offspring.
We never give a dog to a person we know as bad owner.
We try to do the best.

Siberian Husky

Black Beauty of PamitaSerbia
Black Beauty of Pamita

Labrador retriever Kennel, F.C.I. 4657. Come to visit our website,for more information, and enjoy in presentation of our dogs. The Best of Black Beauty labradors.

Labrador Retriever

Sangue Magnifica Cane Corso kennelSerbia
Sangue Magnifica Cane Corso kennel

Sangue Magnifica Cane Corso and Dogo Canario kennel from Serbia. Proud to present our dogs from most exclusive blood lines.

Cane Corso Italiano Dogo Canario

House Kazak KennelSerbia

Miniature schnauzer black & silver and Giant black from Serbia. Home of Euro Ch Express Man Rezlark, Int Ch Vital Vis a Vis, House Kazak Sunflower, House Kazak Jazzy Flower ...

Miniature Schnauzer Giant Schnauzer

Airedale Terriers Vega Skywalker'sSerbia

VEGA'S SKYWALKERS Airedale Terrier Kennel F.C.I.4243. A lot of photos of our dogs.

Airedale Terrier

Fildale kennel Airedale terrier and Miniature schnauzerSerbia
Fildale kennel Airedale terrier
and Miniature schnauzer

Miniature schnauzer white, black, black&silver and Airedale terrier.

Airedale Terrier Miniature Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzers Kennel Wonderfull WalkSerbia

Wonderfull Walk Kennel was registered on 10th Feb. 1997 in Hungary (we lives in Serbia, but it was better to register it in Hu.). The name of our kennel is a true sign of quality and experience in breeding Giant Black Schnauzers.

Giant Schnauzer

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