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z Certovej zahrady Boston TerriersSlovakia
z Certovej zahrady

Breeders of Boston Terrier :)

Boston Terrier

Little Magic Chinese Crested DogsSlovakia
Little Magic

Breeding of chinese crested dogs.

Chinese Crested Dog

Cristaux Glace's PoodlesSlovakia
Cristaux Glace's Poodles

White Standard Poodles kennel.


Gangkar Tibetan MastiffsSlovakia

Tibetan mastiff kennel - puppies, stud males, shows.

Tibetan Mastiff

Amsher ChihuahuaSlovakia

Chihuahua and Yorkshire terrier kennel "AMSHER" presentation our dogs, bitches, puppies, galery of champions, results from shows and many more.

Chihuahua Yorkshire Terrier

Samborra Hovawart KennelSlovakia
Samborra - Hovawart Kennel

Hovawart kennel from Slovakia. Puppies, information, photo gallery and more ...


Cairn Terrier Kennel Vazska KaskadaSlovakia
Vazska Kaskada Kennel - Cairn Terrier

Kennel Vazska Kaskada is registred at FCI since 1994. *(Vah's Cascade - Vah is the river which flows across the town we are living in).

Since 1994 over 40 Cairn Terrier puppies have been born in our house. Some breeders might think it is ridiculous that we have only bred such a small amount in such a long time. We are not interested in breeding dogs in large amounts and it's not how we make money to buy bread. We are just fascinated by this charming and intelligent dog and we feel that Cairn Terriers deserve more recognition. They are just superb!!!

Cairn Terrier

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