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Izolamar Kennel German ShepherdsSlovenia
IZOLAMAR Kennel - German Shepherds

We are a small kennel of German shepherds, registered with the FCI and KZS since 2005. Kennel named IZOLAMAR is located in the seaside town Izola, Slovenia.

Kennel steep to the breeding of German shepherds good blood lines and successful exhibition. We are directed to breeding quality, not quantity, therefore, are occasionally also available puppies. (more pictures on our website.

German Shepherd Dog

Tanya's Fairyland Kennel Chow ChowSlovenia

Tanya's Fairyland is a small, quallity breeding Chow Chow & Shih-Tzu kennel, registered with the FCI.

Chow Chow Shih Tzu

Longhill Kennel - Staffordshire Bull TerrierSlovenia
Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Kennel We own few Champions - with whom we share our home. We love them very very much. We became breeders just becaouse of big love towards this great breed. Feel free to ask us any questions - we will be happy to answer. You are wellcome at our home any time.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Wolkowo Borzois and Silken WindhoundsSlovenia

Breeding for twenty years, winning numerous titles and gaining numerous championships made us choose shows a bit more rationally and selectively. We are constantly trying to be a part of all the most important shows: European and World Dogs Shows, Crufts and the most important Sighthound Special Shows, as well as the annual Slovenian Sighthound Club Special Show.

Borzoi Silken Windhound

Kennel Zgornjesavska Great Swiss Mountain DogsSlovenia

Kennel Zgornjesavska- FCI registered breeders of Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, located in Slovenia.

From time to time we have high quality puppies available. Check out our web site and meet our three lovely swissies- Brina od Radovne, Karhunkierros Inzaghi and Kessie Zgornjesavska.

Great Swiss Mountain Dog

Damjan's Diamond FCI ChihuahuasSlovenia
Damjan's Diamond FCI Chihuahuas

Diamonds are very precious like our chihuahuas are precious for us. We have small home kennel of this adorable breed. Our dogs are first of all our big pets but they are also successful show dogs.


Greater swiss mountain dog Kennel KarantanskaSlovenia
Kennel Karantanska
Greater swiss mountain dog

We are a little kennel of greater swiss mountain dogs, located in Slovenia, EU. Our goal is to breed healthy, stable, typical swissies with nice character and good working abilities.

Our bitch has all important health tests done. She is trained in basic obedience, and has also RO3 exam done. She lives as our family member.
Welcome to kennel Karantanska!

Great Swiss Mountain Dog

Mastino Napoletano Fort BonesSlovenia
Fort Bones

Fort Bones is the domestic kennel. Our dogs are growing up with best care. Our breeding results in healthy, working and top quality show dogs. Best Regards to all who love's the Neapolitan Mastiff.

Neapolitan Mastiff

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