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Serendipity Dog Golden RetrieverSpain
Serendipity Dog Golden Retriever

Serendipity Dog Kennel High quality breeding of Golden Retrievers. all health tests made We Living in Utrera- Sevilla - Spain.

Golden Retriever

Kirdalia Yorkshire TerrierSpain
Kirdalia Yorkshire Terrier

Alta Selección de Yorkshire Terrier.

Yorkshire Terrier

Luna de Media Noche WestiesSpain
Luna de Media Noche Westies

My name is Almudena, I live with my family and my westies in a region of south western Spain. What began as a dream is becoming reality. We look west highland white terrier breed quality, fully balanced and make their owners happy. Our goal is to make a big family with our puppies and their families.

West Highland White Terrier


Información sobre la raza Bichón Maltes. Consejos de salud y cuidados de la raza de perro.


Zoagolden Golden RetrieverSpain
ZOAGOLDEN Golden Retriever

Cria y selecion de golden retriever en Asturias (España).

Golden Retriever

Can Rinxols KennelSpain
Can Rinxols Kennel

Can Rinxols Kennel: Spanish water dog at Barcelona.

Spanish Waterdog

Costa do VentoSpain
Costa do Vento

We are pleased to introduce our dogs and great friends unconditional. We are in Galicia in northern Spain.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Campos del Sur - Dachshund KennelSpain
Campos del Sur - Dachshund Kennel

Teckels - Dachshund Kennel "Campos del Sur". F.C.I. 009451

We breed Miniature and Kaninchen Smooth Hair Dachshunds. They grow healthy in nature, with careful breeding. Suitable as Show,hunt or pet dog.

Criamos Teckels Kaninchen y Miniatura de pelo corto, en un entorno familiar y con gran dedicación.

Elevage de Teckel Kaninchen et Miniature à poil ras, en pleine nature et avec les meilleurs soins.


Can Manys Golden RetrieverSpain
Can MANYS Golden Retriever

Cría selecta y familiar del Golden Retriever en Madrid-España.

Selective and family breeding of Golden Retriever in Madrid-Spain.

Golden Retriever

De MirAlbriga Perro de Agua EspaA�olSpain
De MirAlbriga Perro de Agua EspaA�ol

Cria y selección del Perro de Agua Español. Ejemplares bellos y funcionales. Camadas ocasionalmente. Más información en nuestra web

High breeding and selection of Spanish Water Dog. Beautiful and functional dogs. Occasional litters. More info on the web.

Spanish Waterdog

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