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Beapark Bearded collieSpain Dog Breeders
Beapark Bearded collie

Bearded collie Passion

Amateur breeder. Selection and breeding of this wonderful dog. Committed to improving the breed dogs look healthy, magnificent companions and good dogs for show.

Bearded Collie

Boyero de Berna SouthcourtSpain Dog Breeders
Boyero de Berna SOUTHCOURT

We breed Bernese in the mountains of Spain planning our litters to insure long lived Berners with good characters. We breed bloodlines from all over Europe selecting our breeding stock from long lived champion lines.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Zasen AkitasSpain Dog Breeders
Zasen Akitas

Cria selectiva de Akita Americano.

American Akita

Principado De LorenaSpain Dog Breeders

Alta selección del Crestado Chino y cría en ambiente familiar, respetando siempre su belleza, carácter y cumpliendo siempre con el estándar de la raza. Nos tomamos muy en serio la preservación y difusión de esta raza.

High selection of the Chinese Crestado and raises in familiar atmosphere, respecting always its beauty, character and always fulfilling the standard of the race. We very took in serious the preservation and diffusion from this race.

Chinese Crested Dog

The Lost Kingdom Chow ChowsSpain Dog Breeders
The Lost Kingdom Chow Chows

Chow Chow Kennel In Spain

Our target is to provide with our study, effort and dedication dogs in addition to fulfilling the standard, enjoy better health. We breed always expecting the right moment leaving to pass the time between one crossing to another.

In this way we get some quality puppies and especially healthy and happy.

Chow Chow

Schnauzer Standar de Tierra de SollanzoSpain Dog Breeders
Schnauzer Standar de Tierra de Sollanzo

Como veterinaria especialista en pequeños animales, siempre me han gustado los schnauzers. Ahora me he decidico a criarlos en casa, con mi familia y quiero  presentároslos.


D'Spain Fuego Negro StaffordsSpain Dog Breeders

Breeders of Staffordshire Bull Terrier in Spain since 1996. High Quality.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Kleiner Harlekin German Spitz and Papillon Spain Dog Breeders
Kleiner Harlekin - German Spitz and Papillon Hobby Show-Breeder

Holá soy criadora  de hobby en Spitz Aleman y Papillon para Show y compania en Tenerife.

Hallo ich bin Hobbyzüchterin für Showhunde und Liebhaberhunde des Papillon und Deutschen Spitzes in Spanien/Tenerife und züchte nach Deutschen Richtlinien.

Hi, I am Hobby-Breeder of Papillon an German Spitz- Showquality and Companian-Dogs in Spain/Tenerife.

German Spitz         Papillon

Briards Los LaurelesSpain Dog Breeders
Los Laureles Briards

Criadero familiar y apasionado del Pastor de Brie. Especial seleccion de caracter y belleza.


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