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Garnata Alvejud Bull TerriersSpain
Garnata Alvejud Bull Terriers

Solo Bull Terriers. Only Bull Terriers.

Bull Terrier

Criador de bichon maltes Jardín de Los ArcosSpain
Jardín de Los Arcos
Criador de bichon maltes

Cría familiar y selección de bichón maltés americano en Madrid, más pequeño, corto y chato. Disponibles sementales y ocasionalmente cachorros, (también llamado enano, mini, miniatura, bonsai, toy, teacup, tiny o pocket maltese).


French Bulldogs Can DausSpain

Family kennel of French Bulldog.

French Bulldog

Vallserrat Golden RetrieverSpain
Vallserrat Golden Retriever

Cria selectiva y familiar de Golden Retriever en Barcelona.

Golden Retriever

Border Collie Mafalda'sSpain
Mafalda's Border Collie

Border Collie, Selection of the beauty, character and instinct, we are located in Spain, in the region of Catalonia and we are devoted for almost 25 years, to dogs of the family collie and for alone 12 years we are devoted exclusively to the border collie.

We have gotten several titles of Champion from Spain in the Shows, including Champions of our own upbringing, in all the colors.

Border Collie

de driles can maltesesMadrid, Spain Dog Breeders
DE DRILES CAN malteses

Cria selectiva y familiar  del bichón maltés , exclusividad en esta raza.


De Ishbilia Bichon FriseSpain
DE ISHBILIA Bichon Frise

Top quality Spanish Bichon Frise. Our Multi CH. Golfo de Siete Villas is the most awarded Bichon Frise in the history of Spain. Enjoy our website.

Bichon Frise

Sharpeis de BluemarSpain
Sharpeis de Bluemar

Baby of the shar pei in familiar ambience. Healthy, with good character and copies for exhibition and company. We raise pups in colors blue, lilac, chocolate, black, red, isabella, cream ...

Shar Pei

Muguiris Coton de Tulear & HavaneseSpain

MUGUIRIS: top breeding of the breeds Coton de Tulear and Havanese.

Alta seleccion de las razas Coton de Tulear y Bichon Habanero.

Coton de Tulear         Havanese

Costa Artabra Golden RetrieverSpain
COSTA ARTABRA Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever Breeder in Spain.

Golden Retriever

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