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Rottweilers The Fire HeartSpain Dog Breeders
The Fire Heart Rottweilers

Rearing and selection of the Rottweiler we united: character, beauty and work Line of blood A.D.R.K..


Rottweiler kennel Omega MatariSpain Dog Breeders
Omega Matari Rottweiler kennel

We are a small kennel, breeding Rottweilers exclusively since 1991. Our dogs are known for their noble and workwilling caracters. Most our dogs are being worked in agility and obedience.

We breed mixed show/worklines and we use the best European bloodlines. All our dogs are HD and ED clean which we think is most important espcially for working dogs. At our place off 10.000 square meters our dogs all live together peacefully in a pack and i am the Alfa. They don't need to be kenneled.

I love my dogs and they guard over me and my family with their lives, which a good Rottweiler should do. Their noble caracter, their will to please and their natural guarding-instinct makes them into the greatest familydog. Our responsibility towards our pups does not end at the moment of selling them, it only comes to an end when that Omega Matari dog crosses the rainbow.

Who says money does not buy friends ?? You can buy yourself a BEST friend at Omega Matari.


Chinese Crested Dog AlmamasanSpain Dog Breeders
Almamasan chinese crested

Photos about shows, our dogs, this way as pedigrees of them and our next litters.

Chinese Crested Dog

Siberian Husky GruyangazSpain Dog Breeders
Gruyangaz Siberians

Spanish siberian husky breeder. Shows, photos, pedigrees.

Siberian Husky

Shar Peis TianxiaSpain Dog Breeders

Selection, breeding and exhibition of Shar-pei in family atmosphere.

Almudena y David

Shar Pei

Chihuahua Herederos del OlimpoSpain Dog Breeders
Herederos del Olimpo

Cria y selección de chihuahuas de pelo corto. Seriedad y calidad. Cachorritos para show y compañía. Pedigree de la R.S.C.E. Excelentes líneas de sangre.


Chrilema BulldogsSpain Dog Breeders
Chrilema Bulldogs

Cria y selección del Bulldog Inglés.

English Bulldog

Fox & Kerry Blue Terrier ARTerriersSpain Dog Breeders
ARTerriers - Fox & Kerry Blue Terrier

Breeding, grooming & handling of Fox & Kerry Blue Terrier.

Cría Peluquería y handling de Fox y Kerry Blue Terrier.

Fox Terrier Wire         Kerry Blue Terrier

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