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Varvary SkifiiUkraine

UKU - FCI "VARVARY SKIFII" leading kennel of Ukraine on breed English mastiff, we breed mastiffs from 1996. Our dogsparticipants and winners of the European and world dogshow. During the kennel vigorous activity are grown up: champions of Ukraine,Grandchampions of Ukraine, winners of Ukraine, international champions, champions of Russia, champions of RKF, the champion of Belarus, the champion of Moldova,Baltic winner, the champion of Croatia, the winner of a class in the WorldDogShow 2006, the champion of Europe 2007, the champion of Eurasia 2008.

Exclusive accumulation of valuable blood of an origin. In parallel the kennel breedthe Central Asian sheep-dog from 1990.
Welcome! We will be glad to see!
With regards Iryna & Sergey Guzhvin

Mastiff Central Asia Shepherd Dog

Gospodar StayniUkraine
Gospodar Stayni

Schnauzers data base UA, giants training and competition info in Ukraine.

Giant Schnauzer Standard Schnauzer Miniature Schnauzer

Kennel Kiss of SkiesUkraine

In our kennel the best representatives of breeds are used for breeding only. The main criterions for selection are: excellent health, strong mentality, intelligence, beauty.

On our website you can get to know about the puppies, to see its photos and family trees of our "stars" and "home favorites" you will find the latest news from exhibition rings and more interesting information. We hope that the information on our website will be interesting not only for experts, but for fans of breed. And will help each person who is looking for canine friend!

Labrador Retriever

Kennel iz Doma Na HolmeUkraine
Kennel iz Doma Na Holme

Welsh Corgi Pembroke and Bernese mountain dogs from the Ukraine.

Welsh Corgi Pembroke Bernese Mountain Dog

South Russian Ovcharka in UkraineUkraine

South Russian Ovcharka in Ukraine. South Russian Ovcharka’s Center of Ukrainian Kennel Union. Kennel’s South Russian Ovcharka «CRIMEA AK-KAYA», «IZ SLAVII», «SANDERS CSAR’S».

Южнорусские овчарки в Украине. Центр южнорусских овчарок Кинологического Союза Украины. Питомники «CRIMEA AK-KAYA», «IZ SLAVII», «SANDERS CSAR’S». История породы. История развития породы в Украине. Селекционная работа Центра ЮРО КСУ. История выставок ЮРО в Украине. Статьи, фото- и видеоматериалы из частных архивов. Продажа щенков от элитных производителей. Рекомендации по выбору щенка и много другой полезной информации.

South Russian Ovtcharka

Golden Retriever Victoria's Secret Born HanterUkraine
Victoria's Secret Born Hanter
Golden Retriever

Web-site of golden retriever Victoria`s Secret Born Hanter.

Golden Retriever

Carpathian Dream kennelUkraine
Carpathian Dream kennel

My name is Irina. I live in Ukrane, neare theboard of Hungary. I love my dogs, they live with me and my family in our big house. I'm very unteresting in breeding and shows.

I have few dogs but they are very good quality. And I'm try to do my best for this great breed. I knownwhat kind of breeding I want to do, health and temperament are the most important things for me.


Mascot Skif FCI KennelUkraine
Mascot Skif FCI Kennel

We are small family kennel located in Ukraine. Our Labradors based on famouse English bloodlines. We raise our puppies with love and care. Welcome!

Labrador Retriever

Cameswon LabradorsUkraine
Cameswon Labradors

Cameswon Labradors - home of many International, Grand and Multi Champions. We breed Labrador Retrievers of all three colors. Our goal is to breed healthy Labradors with solid, kind, typical temper.

Labrador Retriever

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