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Bichon frise Frizzled LifeUkraine
Frizzled Life - Bichon Frise

In Frizzled Life kennel there are the bichons from the best breeders of Finland, Sweden, France and USA. Many country champions and even the World Winners are among their parents! Our nurslings also successfully present themselves on many prestigious dog shows and have brought to us the champion diplomas from 17 European countries.

On our site you could find a lot of information about the bichon frise breed. It's also possible to book a puppy or ask one of our titled males for usage.

Bichon Frise

Fox Terrier Smooth Kennel From Alexandrov's HouseUkraine
Kennel From Alexandrov's House

Site of Fox Terrier Smooth kennel.

Fox Terrier Smooth

Silvento Italian greyhound - ЛевреткаUkraine
Silvento Italian greyhound - Левретка

First web site about italian greyhounds (levretka) in Ukraina and web site of kennel Silvento. In our silvento-web page you will find show results of IGs in Ukraine, puppies of Italian greyhounds, photos etc.

Italian Greyhound

Vot-tak kennelUkraine
Vot-tak kennel

Site of Fox Terrier Smooth, Whippet and Piccolo Levriero Italiano kennel.

Fox Terrier Smooth         Whippet         Italian Greyhound

Labrador Retrievers kennel Black Sea SplashesUkraine

kennel Labrador Retriever "BLACK SEA SPLASHES" registered in FCI, carries out cultivation of puppies of breed Labrador Retriever Show - class with excellent working qualities.

Labrador Retriever

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