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scr-akitasEngland Dog Breeders

Welcome to shonchopragg if interested in my akitas for anything please contact me.


Tycon Japanese Akita InusWales, UK Dog Breeders
Tycon Japanese Akita Inus

Tycon Japanese Akita Inus are one of the premier kennels in the UK. Having imported, bred and owned Inu Champions we are able to provide information and advice to potential owners which extends beyond the show ring and in to thier homes.

Japanese Akita Inu

Honeypei Shar-PeiEngland Dog Breeders
Honeypei Shar-Pei

We are a family run Kennels based in Canterbury, Kent. Breeding is our hobby; our dogs are our lives and we feel privileged to share our home and time with the Chinese Shar Pei.

Our aim is to breed healthy, good temperament, happy and well socialised pups.

Shar Pei

Smartdac Miniature & Kaninchen DachshundsNorthern Ireland Dog Breeders
Miniature & Kaninchen Dachshunds

We are a small show kennel based in Morthern Ireland. We exhibit mini smooth, mini long and kaninchen smooth haired dachshunds. Experienced in the world of dog showing since 1982. Top winning hounds in three variety of dachshund.


Moorhey Bolognese dogsGreat Britain Dog Breeders
Moorhey Bolognese dogs

We are a small kennel of bolognese whom we share our home with. We have had some success at Crufts one of our females came 1st in her class, last year. This year our young male (who we purchased from kennel Marchenwiese, East Germany)came fourth this year.

We have loved, adored and owned various breeds of dogs for 30 years but since 2002 we only have the Bolognese. To us they are the perfect dog for old and young alike.


Simon SaysUK Dog BreedersNorway Dog Breeders
Simon Says

Welcome to Simon Says!

We, the owners of Kennel Simon Says are Jonna Sandén Vassbotn and Cathrine Thaulow. Here you can read about us and our plans for Simon Says. Please sign our guestbook.

Flat Coated Retriever         Welsh Springer Spaniel

pugstud.co.ukEngland Dog Breeders

Quality pugstud with a great pedigree 15 champions in his pedigree, compact, with a double twist tale please find out more on my website.


Kojiki Chinese Crested DogsUnited Kingdom Dog Breeders
Kojiki Chinese Crested Dogs

All our dogs are Kennel Club registered & DNA profiled & I recently became an Accredited breeder!

Although I may breed from my dogs occasionally, first & foremost they are my much loved family pets. My puppies are bred for temperament & conformation to breed standard, I pride myself in rearing happy, well adjusted puppies !

We are currently testing all breeding dogs for PRA, Glaucoma & Primary Lens Luxation.

Chinese Crested Dog

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