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 Berger Blanc Suisse / White Swiss Shepherd Dog

  Weiße Schäferhunde / Weisser Schweizer Schäferhund / Pastor Blanco Suizo

allevamentoamatorialeptpbs.it.ggItaly Dog Breeders

Selezione amatoriale del pastore tedesco e del pastore bianco svizzero ... disponibili cuccioli, soggetti adulti addestrati all' obbidienza. L' allevamento lavora costantemente per ottenere soggetti sani e belli adatti alla famiglia ma anche alle esposizioni e alle gare di utilità e difesa.

German Shepherd Dog

Finn vom Sutumer GrundGermany Dog Breeders
Finn vom Sutumer Grund

Young White Swiss Shepherd Male available for stud! Excellent exterieur and selfconfident, firm character, groundcovering, elastic gaits and very much "will to please"! In training for IPO 1, FCI/BBI-registered. Have a look at our website and get known our boy :-)

Kennel of Lupi AlbiRomania Dog Breeders
Kennel of Lupi Albi

The standard of the white sheperd is the following: (Beautiful) a strong dog, well muscled with a smart and harmonious silhouet. (Good) a family and company dog, careful guard which especially likes children, working dog full of energy and docile. If you look for this kind of dog, the white swiss sheperd is your dog.

Dzika BandaPoland Dog Breeders
Dzika Banda

Home kennel of White Swiss Shepherds and Yorkshire Terriers, where dog's health and character connected with perfect build are most important.

Yorkshire Terrier

della Corte dei Delfini Bianchi  Pastore Svizzero BiancoItaly Dog Breeders
della Corte dei Delfini Bianchi
Pastore Svizzero Bianco

Selezione ed Allevamento FCI del Pastore Svizzero Bianco - I nostri soggetti - Standard - Storia - Links - Fotogallery - Cuccioli disponibili.

Ciwis Secret White Swiss Shepherd DogsSweden Dog Breeders
Ciwis Secret

A small breeding of White Swiss Shepherd were the goal is to breed mentally strong, social, healthy White Swiss shepherds both for work and shows.

Strandkungens kennel White Swiss Shepherd DogsSweden Dog Breeders
Strandkungens kennel

Welcome to Strandkungens kennel, a family run kennel with lovely White Swiss Shepherds.

La Melodie Blanche Kennel Berger Blanc SuisseSlovakia Dog Breeders
La Melodie Blanche Kennel

La Melodie Blanche Kennel is a family kennel breeding Berger Blanc Suisse in the Slovak Republic.

A Vivid DaydreamNetherlands Dog Breeders

Chihuahua-lover-breeder-Netherlands. Please visit our website for the latest news. See why we are in love with our Chihuahua's and enjoy the pictures of our little herd. We sometimes have puppies for sale and help to re-home when requested.

We love this breed very much and try to give all our doggies our very best care and lots of love** Besides the Chihuahua we have 2 White Shepherd girls who love the little Chi's as much as we do and vice-versa!


White Swiss Shepherd Dog von TirolGermany Dog Breeders
von Tirol - White Swiss Shepherd dog

White dreams of the White Swiss Shepherd dog breeder "von Tirol" - top dogs with rare blood lines out of lovingly family breeding!

White Swiss Shepherds Kennel von der NordhelleNRW/ Germany Dog Breeders
Kennel von der Nordhelle

Breeding White Swiss Shepherds Our Puppies are raised in our family, in house and garden with cats and kids. High quality puppies with FCI/VDH/RWS pedigree, EU-Passport, champions, most interesting bloodlines. Parents excellent and tested in the character. Any Nordheller are in Rescue, sports and show.

White Swiss Shepherd Dog Kennel Vanzant'sFinland Dog Breeders
Kennel Vanzant's

MVanzant's Kennel is a small hobby-kennel. Our desire is to produce healthy, mentally sound and loving White Shepherds. Our pups are handled with a lot of love from the time they are born.

I spend all my time with mom and her babies. Because of all the attention I give to them, I know which puppy will fit your expectations and life style. Our dogs don't have separate kennel premises.

White For You White Swiss Shepherd DogsBelgium Dog Breeders
White For You

"White For You" is a small kennel of white Swiss Shepherd dogs. We want to use real house dogs in breeding. We are convinced that this has a positive influence on the pups.

Our white shepherds were carefully selected; we did not only paid attention to the pedigree, but also to their health, as well as to the character and the living environment of their parents.

Witte Herder Kennel ReginahofsNederland Dog Breeders
Witte Herder Kennel Reginahofs

We breed White Shepherds and try to breed on character. We train with our dogs for instance IPO / KNPV (policedogtraining) and searchdog training (suchhund, rettungshund).

from Peace and Harmony White Swiss Shepherd DogsAustria Dog Breeders
from Peace and Harmony

I am a small breeder in Lower Austria. Breeding is my hobby an I have only 2-3 litters a year. My family and I live in a house with our 5 female's and also the puppies grow up in our house and the garden closed to.

Van 't Mereminnehof White Swiss Shepherd DogsBelgium Dog Breeders
Van 't Mereminnehof

Breeder of White Swiss Shepherd dogs. Our goal is to breed social longcoated puppies full of character suited for show and/or sport but also for a life as family dog.

Our puppies grow up in our house and garden. Puppies with FCI pedigree.

bialeowczarki.plPoland Dog Breeders

They say that a dog's smile is located in its tail. Well, White Shepherd's smile only starts there. Then it continues up to its ears! It's always ready to work, to please its owner, highly intelligent and smart. Its glistening, dark eyes can tell you a lot, and if only you learn to understand them you will quickly find out that WSSD is entirely devoted to you, and that you can fully trust it.

Fortunatus White Swiss Shepherd DogPoland Dog Breeders
FORTUNATUS White Swiss Shepherd Dog

We are breeding dogs since 70s. First we had Saluki, now the Huskies and White Swiss Shepherds with their excellent temperament fill our life with happiness. Please visit our website where are lots of interesting photos and information on our dogs.

Asaldo MalinoisGreat Britain Dog Breeders
Asaldo Malinois

Breeders of top quality working Malinois.

Les Terres de VoldaïFrance Dog Breeders

White Swiss Shepherd breeder in France. Puppies with complete FCI pedigree from excellent bloodlines. Parents A/0, MDR1 tested, possessing french character tests.

Milky Way Lohrien & Princessa z Chaty LeonaPoland Dog Breeders
& PRINCESSA z Chaty Leona

Website devoted to dogs of the race White Swiss Sheepdog, in particular for our bitches of the Mila (MILKY WAY Lohrien) and Tesa (PRINCESSA z Chaty Leona).

Lords of the White ShepherdMarseille, Frrance Dog Breeders

Nous sommes dans les Bouches-du-Rhône (13.

Sèclections rigoureuses dns nos lignées,parents ayant nombreux titres de beautés, travail : T.A.N, C.S.A.U, T.A.T, CERTIFICAT R.C.I, R.C.I 1 et BREVET RING. Nous nous réservons le choix des futurs maîtres pour nos chiots tous inscrits au LOF.

Venez visiter notre site web et n'hésitez pas à nous contacter pour plus de renseignements.

Kennel of White Dream - White Swiss Shepherd dogGermany Dog Breeders
Kennel of White Dream
White Swiss Shepherd dog

White dreams of the White Swiss Shepherd breeder "Kennel of White Dream".

belay-ovcharka.narod.ruRussia Dog Breeders

Заводчик Белой Швейцарской овчарки, лутшая сука в Алтайском крае, имеет отличные перспективы, признана лутшим щенком своей породы! Рождена стать лутшей!!!

La GebradaSpain Dog Breeders
La Gebrada

Criamos Pastores Blancos sin necesidad de jaulas, nuestros perros viven con nosotros en casa. Somos muy selectivos en cuanto a la calidad fĂ­sica y al excelente caracter que tienen que tener nuestros perros.

Como criadores y etĂłlogos nos interesa buscar siempre perros equilibrados, sociables, sin miedo, a los que les gusta la gente y con los que el futuro propietario pueda realizar toda clase de actividades.

La BlankpapilioCzech Republic Dog Breeders

Chovatelská stanice plemene Bílý švýcarský ovčák.

Zuchtstätte - Weisser Schw. Schäferhund. Deckrüde Dragon, Zuchthündinnen Apolena, Dinky, Byorka.

Sivački BiserSerbia Dog Breeders
Sivački Biser

Our kennel White Swiss Shepherd "SIVACKI BISER" from Sivac in Serbia. F.C.I. 2316.

Berger Blanc Suisse Kennel of Choise DeluxLuxembourg Dog Breeders
Kennel of Choise Delux

Zuchtstätte für Weisse Schweizer Schäferhunde.

Elevage de Berger Blanc Suisse.

Dashing Dawn shepherdHungary Dog Breeders
Dashing Dawn shepherd

White suisse shepherd & border collie kennel (2007).

Border Collie

kennel TaienCzech Republic Dog Breeders
kennel TAIEN

Over 10 years of Taien's history. We are hobby kennel with white shepherds and schipperkes, we are training, breeding and loving dogs. For more info look to our homepage.


Elevage de Berger Blanc Suisse  Bleizi AsgardFrance Dog Breeders
Bleizi Asgard
Elevage de Berger Blanc Suisse

Elevage familial de Berger Blanc Suisse en Bretagne. Venez découvrir nos chiens qui vivent quotidiennemet à nos côtés. Nous faisons des efforts de sélection rigoureuse au niveau morphologique et du caractère. Chez nous le respect du chien passe avant tout.

Kennel Białe WzgórzaPoland Dog Breeders
Kennel Białe Wzgórza

In our kennel live 3 white shepherds: Star of Tiger BERTA - KAMA, Luba Białe Wzgórza and JARI JEWAR of the Heart of Lothian. The most importent thing, for us, in breeding is to breed dogs with perfect character.

White Lupus Silicis kennelHungary Dog Breeders
White Lupus Silicis kennel

If you like white sheperds visit this site.

od Knapovskeho potokaCzech Republic Dog Breeders
od Knapovskeho potoka

Hello, we are a small kennel from the Czech republic called "od Knapovskeho potoka". Our dogs are good to family, great friends and moreover with excellent exterior. We want our puppies to be the same and live in loving families.

DreamWorks White Swiss Shepherd DogsBelgium Dog Breedersthe Netherlands Dog Breeders
White Swiss Shepherd Dogs

We occasionally have puppies of sound combinations. Both parents are completely tested and only have the best results. The puppies grow up in our living room and will be perfectly socialized, we will take them for a car ride, they will play with big and small children, learn strange noises, walk on diffrent substrates and are used to cats and small dogs. The puppies will be chipped around the 6th week by de Raad van Beheer and they will get a FCI pedigree.

For information on both short-and long-haired puppies, or for other information about our breed please feel free to contact us.

Sereno White Swiss ShepherdsUK Dog BreedersSpain Dog Breeders
Sereno White Swiss Shepherds

Sereno is a hobby kennel of White Swiss Shepherds/Pastor Blanco Suizo.

white-swiss-shepherd.jimdo.comRussia Dog Breeders

Züchter von Weiße Schweizer Schäferhunde in der Region Altai! Beste Hund der Altai-Region hat die besten Aussichten, als bester Welpe der Rasse anerkannt! Geboren, um der Beste zu sein! Und im Moment ist die in der Altai-Titel!

Breeder of White Swiss Shepherd Dogs in the Altai Territory! Best dog in the Altai region has excellent prospects, recognized as the best puppy of the breed! Born to be the best! And at the moment is the most titled in the Altai!

Питомник Белых Швейцарских Овчарок в Алтайском крае! Лучшие собаки в Алтайском крае, имеет отличные перспективы, признаны лучшими щенками своей породы! Рождены стать лучшими!!! И на данный момент  является самыми титулованными на Алтае !!!

Star Way RoyalUkraine Dog Breeders

Предлагаем к продаже отличных щенков п-ка «STAR WAY ROYAL» для души, дрессировки, охраны и выставочных побед от чемпионов и лучших производителей СНГ и Европы, кровей: России, Польши, Словакии, Америки, Чехии, Боснии и Герцоговины, Франции. Щенки с задатками отличного экстерьера и рабочими качествами.

Нашим питомцам мы предоставляем всестороннюю помощь в воспитании, выращивании, дрессировке и выставочной карьере. Для вязок предлагаем титулованных кобелей.

На нашем сайте вы узнаете все о породе, все, что касается наших собак - это о наших достижениях, щенках, вязках; познакомитесь с нашими детишками и родственниками; почитаете полезные статьи о выставках, о содержании и воспитании щенка и много другое, что связано с собакой.

Mighty MidgetThe Netherlands Dog Breeders

We breed only on occasion with our girls who are in Excellent condition and full of caracter. We breed according to the rules of the ZWHVN & BTCN.(FCI) Beautiful, Healthy Puppies Expected In Januari 2011!!! Both parents are HD-A,ED-FREE MDR1-FREE !!

Boston Terrier

Питомник KARNELIKS РКФ (FCI)Russia Dog Breeders

Kennel - "Karneliks", breeding of Swiss white shepherds. Our breeding results in healthy, and show dogs.

Kennel Divines Folies BergèreFrance Dog Breeders
Kennel Divines Folies Bergère

Welcome on the site of our breeding "Divines Folies Bergère". We raise White Swiss shepherds short hair. All our dogs are radiographed for the dysplasy of the hips and elbows. They have their test MDR1 and DNA. They work in obedience, french ring and mondioring (protection training). They are also tested with the sheep. They also go some show of beauty.

Od Bijelih Anđela KennelCroatia Dog Breeders
Od Bijelih Anđela Kennel

Swiss white shepherds kennel in Croatia.

Cricket MountainsNetherlands Dog Breeders
Cricket Mountains

Kennel van Zwitserse Witte Herder, incidenteel een nestjes.

Beau Brit Od Bijelih AndjelaCroatia Dog Breeders
Beau Brit Od Bijelih Andjela

FCI Stud dog, Ch Beau Brit Od Bijelih andjela - beautiful swiss white shepherd and his progeny.

Zuchtstätte White Sweet AngelGermany Dog Breeders
Zuchtstätte White Sweet Angel

Wir Züchten seit 2005 Weisse Schweizer Schäferhunde (Berger Blanc Suisse) mit RWS/VDH Papiere. Besuchen Sie uns auf unserer HP und überzeugen Sie sich von den Hunden und Welpen, die bei uns wohnen.Von unsere Zuchtstätte gibt es auch Welpen im Ausland ( Schweiz, Finnland ).

cortedelfinibianchi.comItaly Dog Breeders

The 1° Italian Site on the White Swiss Shepherd Dog

Realized in 2003 with a large collection of informations in Italian language on the origins, on the stages for the FCI-recognition, on the morphological and personality feature dictate from Standard 347 + database and photos of our subjets. We are an Italian family breeder that breed the WSSD in professional way from 2003.

Veislynas IŠ GARGŽDŲLithuania Dog Breeders
Veislynas IŠ GARGŽDŲ

Iš gargždų, aviganiai, šveicarų baltasis aviganis, rytų europos aviganis.

German Shepherd Dog

Topaz of White CondorAustria Dog Breeders
Topaz of White Condor

This site is about our FCI stud dog TOPAZ OF WHITE CONDOR, HD-A, ED-0, MDR +/+, DNA, 65 cm, full & correct dentition, BGH-1, FH-1,

mental test/ZTP: Excellent, 
conformation: Excellent,

Topaz is available for limited stud service to APPROVED females only.

U Źródła FCI  Hodowla Białego Owczarka SzwajcarskiegoPoland Dog Breeders
U Źródła FCI
Hodowla Białego Owczarka Szwajcarskiego

We are a small family kennel breeding WSS, registered in the FCI and member of the FBBSI. Our dogs are free of displasia and MDR tested. Our puppies grow up in our house with our children, having a lot of space indoors and outdoors.

Lohrien Shetland SheepdogPoland Dog Breeders
Lohrien - Shetland Sheepdog

Shetland Sheepdog

Lohrien Shetland Sheepdog
Lohrien - Collie Rough

Rough Collie breeder in Poland since 1995. Prestigious Lohrien Kennel (FCI) breed Collie Rough. Awarded a Silver Badge Kennel Club in Poland.

Collie Rough

Lohrien White Swiss Shepherd Dog
Lohrien - White Swiss Shepherd Dog

Prestigious kennel White Swiss Shepherd Dog. Awarded the Silver Medal of Polish Kennel Club. Only ones a year a litter puppies born and raised with all our love in our family.

Pamario Vilkė - White Swiss, German and East European shepherdsLithuania Dog Breeders
Pamario Vilkė - White Swiss, German and East European shepherds

We are dogs kennel from Lithuania. Visit our website for more information.

German Shepherd Dog         East European Shepherd

Kennel Chien de la ProlingéeThe Netherlands
 Dog Breeders
Kennel Chien de la Prolingée

A kennel without kennels. Small breeder of White Swiss Shepherds and (Old) German Shepherds located in the Netherlands. From time to time puppies from carefully selected parents. Pups are raised indoor and are vaccinated and vet-checked, receive anti-parasitic treatment and all pups (also the Old German Shepherds!) receive FCI pedigrees. We are a member of several breed specific associations.

We also offer stud services to White Swiss Shepherd ladies. Please check our website for more information.

With kind regards,
Jeldou Boorsma

Old German Shepherd

Zaros Keano Adorable White PearlNetherlands Dog Breeders
Zaros Keano Adorable White Pearl

A wonderful website about our Swiss White Shepherd Zaros Keano Adorable White Pearl on 5 October 2011 from a litter Born. bred according to the rules of the Swiss Shepherds Netherlands Association.

Zaros ran his first show was on april 1, 2012 and elected as best Baby of breed Association in the Netherlands with a thick White Swiss Shepherds promising. Furthermore you will find on our website a lot of information about the breed and the upbringing of your dog.

White Dream Team kennelCroatia Dog Breeders
White Dream Team kennel

Welcome to our world!

Dear friends,
we have bravely stepped into the amazing world of breeding. Our motto is: health, brains & beauty! We will always try to breed healthy dogs with the best character possible presented in outstanding looks. Considering our magnificent foundation dogs Brit and Bura, and our long friendship, we're on a pretty good way!

Our swiss white shepherds are: Multi Ch, Euro winner 2010 BURA (Ulma Fliegeland)& Multi Ch Beau Brit Od bijelih andjela We wish you a nice stay and hope you'll like what you see!

Goga & Brit & Katarina & Bura

Ahlitah Quest KennelRomania Dog Breeders
Ahlitah Quest Kennel

The good looks, the elegant movement, the silent warmth and playfulness of the White Swiss Shepherd attracted me at first sight. The eagerness to learn, the unlimited devotion, the patience, the need to share and express love made this breed perfect for me.

I chose Solo, a newborn from a loving family in the southern Hungary. I met the 22 months old Faust and he simply came home with me. Then Digit was born, in the north of Germany, to instantly become my most beloved. Next winter, the 11 months old Ahlitah added a feminine touch to our pack, and a Mastiff fawn to our white world of wolves. Thus, we became complete. We are the AHLITAH QUEST kennel.

English Mastiff

Kennel Karneliks - White Swiss ShepherdRussia Dog Breeders
Kennel Karneliks - White Swiss Shepherd

Kennel - "Karneliks", breeding of Swiss white shepherds. Our breeding results in healthy, and show dogs.

Kennel name: Od Veselských pískovenCzech Republic Dog Breeders
Kennel name: Od Veselských pískoven

Kennel Name: Od Veselských pískoven Born: 08.08.2009 FCI: Yes Purpose: Show Coat type: Long Female: Gaily z Blatenských luk CMKU/ACO/2295/09 Females Health: HD A, ED 0; MDR +/+, EYES free, clear Females Results: CZ GCH, CZ CH, CZ JCH, CZ Club CH, CZ CH CMKU, MISS 2011, BIS, 4 x BOB, 4 x CACIB, Winner of special show, National winner, 10 x CAC + 5 x CAC CMKU, 1 x Res. CACIB, 6 x Res. CAC, 2 x CAJC More information: 5 x Champion in the Czech Republic Offspring - Spring 2013. Contact ...

Weisse Schaeferhunde 'Flying White Devils'Germany Dog Breeders
Weisse Schaeferhunde 'Flying White Devils'

Eine liebevoll aversierte Zucht für Weisse Schaeferhunde deren Rasseerhalt und Gesundheit sehr am Herzen liegt. Show und Ausbildung als Freude der Teamgemeinschaft, Ausgleich sieht.

Weisse Schaeferhunde 'von Amira Asagera'Germany Dog Breeders
Weisse Schaeferhunde 'von Amira Asagera'

Wir sind eine Familienzucht von Weissen Schäferhunde in NRW, mein Zuchtziel ist es das unsere Zucht als Familie gesehen wird und wir keine Profizucht sind und nie aus den Augen verlieren. Mein Ziel ist es Wesensfeste, gesunde, aktive,aufmerksame und Familienhunde zu züchten.

Züchten heißt für mich Verantwortung zu übernehmen, die geplanten Verpaarungen gut zu überdenken und die richtige Aufzucht der Welpen. Größten Wert lege ich in erster Linie auf die Nachzucht gesunder und Wesensfester Hunde mit absolut freundlichem Wesen. Herausragendes Kriterium ist, auf die Fehler und Defizite der Rasse alle Aufmerksamkeit zu richten und zu versuchen , unter Ausnutzung aller genetischen Möglichkeiten,die Rasse hinsichtlich ihrer Gesunderhaltung und Funktionalität zu verbessern.Unsere Hunde werden bevor sie überhaupt in der Zucht kommen auf HD, ED, Schaltwirbel aber auch wichtig auf viele verschiedene Erbkrankheiten untersucht und getestet, denn nur so können wir den besten Grundstein für unsere Welpen geben. Aber machen sie sich ihr eigenes Bild von unsere Zucht und Familienhunde auf unsere Internetseite.

of White CompanionsGermany Dog Breeders
of White Companions

Unsere Zuchtstätte -of white companions- ist unter internationalem Schutz des FCI/VDH/RWS seit dem 21.04.2010 eingetragen. Die Liebe zu den Weissen Schweizer Schäferhunden hat uns dazu bewogen auch mit der Zucht dieser wunderbaren Rasse zu beginnen. Unser Ziel ist es, die typischen Wesensmerkmale eines weissen Schäferhundes in der Zucht zu verwirklichen.

Wir möchten temperamentvolle, selbstbewusste, gesunde, weder ängstliche noch aggressive Familien- und Gebrauchshunde züchten, die bei artgerechtem Umgang eine sehr enge Halter bzw. Familienbindung aufbauen. Ebenso wichtig ist uns, die dem Rassestandard entsprechenden Körpermerkmale des weißen Schäferhundes in der Zucht zu verwirklichen, wie z.B. gut proportionierte, muskulöse Hunde, mit einer gesunden Mischung aus Kraft und Eleganz zu züchten. Die Aufzucht der Welpen legt in erster Linie den Grundstein für einen offenen und sensiblen Charakter beim Hund. So sind wir bemüht, unseren Welpen in den ersten acht Lebenswochen so viele Eindrücke wie möglich zu bieten: Unsere Zwerge sind bei Abgabe entwurmt, gechipt, geimpft und bekommen FCI / VDH / RWS Papiere.

Weiße Schäferhunde White Carry KissesGermany Dog Breeders
Weiße Schäferhunde White Carry Kisses

Wir haben zur Zeit wunderschöne Welpen.

Jennin Lauman kennelFinland Dog Breeders
Jennin Lauman kennel

Racing Siberian Husky kennel in South-Western An hour driving from the capital Helsinki. Also small scale breeding of White Swiss Shepherd and solid black Long Haired German Shepherd.

Siberian Husky         German Shepherd Dog

Biaa Furia (FCI)Poland Dog Breeders
Biaa Furia (FCI)

We are dog admirers and occasionally have litters from balanced combinations. We try to breed outstanding white shepherds with highly desirable qualities!

kennel Albus LupusNorway Dog Breeders
kennel Albus Lupus

Breeder of Berger Blanc Swisse.

Angelo Slėnis - White Swiss Shepherd dogsLithuania Dog Breeders
Angelo Slėnis - White Swiss Shepherd dogs

We are kennel "Angelo Slėnis" of white swiss shepherd dogs.

Elevage Familial La tendresse Blanche Berger Blanc SuisseBelgium Dog Breeders
Elevage Familial La tendresse Blanche Berger Blanc Suisse

Elevage Familial du Berger Blanc Suisse, nos chiens vivent avec nous à l'intérieur, pas de cage extérieur, ni box... nous pratiquons plusieurs disciplines avec nos chiens, obéissance, agility,

Kennel Riot Leader'sFinland Dog Breeders
Kennel Riot Leader's

We breed White Swiss Shepherds for companion and sports.

skahdakota.comGermany Dog Breeders

Puppies from Juan of Skah Dakota x Karuna of Skah Dakota Out of this combination, we expect healthy, medium-sized, well-built puppies with exellent pigmentation. Both of the parents have stable characters, good working abilities and perform excellent at shows. We hope the puppies will inherit exactly these qualities. For more informations you can contact me under...

Kennel Made to JoyDenmark Dog Breeders
Kennel Made to Joy

Small family breeder of White Swiss Shepherd Dog (FCI) since 1999 We breed only health check dogs with good temperament. Our dogs are exhibited, trained and live in the house with us as spoiled living dogs. We breed only a few litters.

Lupi di RomagnaItaly Dog Breeders

Lupi di Romagna è un allevamento di Pastore Svizzero che dedica particolare attenzione alla selezione e alla crescita di cuccioli morfologicamente in standard e di ottimo carattere. Poniamo una grande cura attenzione agli aspetti morfologici e caratteriali dei soggetti utilizzati in ogni accoppiamento per ottenere cuccioli sani e di buon carattere.

I nostri cuccioli nascono e crescono in casa, liberi di socializzare con altri cani e vengono consegnati solo dopo i 60 giorni come previsto per legge, con microchip, libretto sanitario, copie documenti dei genitori e pedigree Italiano ENCI/ROI.

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