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 Berner Sennenhund / Bernese Mountain Dog

 Bouvier bernois / Boyeros de Berna / Bouvier de Berna

'Eberron' FCI-RKF KennelRussia
'Eberron' FCI-RKF Kennel

FCI-RKF Kennel "Eberron" With us living dog breeds: Appenzeller Mountain Dog, Greater Swiss Sennenhund and the Bernese Sennenhund. And as Papillon.

Appenzell Cattle Dog         Great Swiss Mountain Dog


Bouviers Bernois des Mystères du Vieux SauleFrance
Bouviers Bernois des Mystères du Vieux Saule

Passion for Bernese Mountain Dogs.

Sosnowe Zacisze - Bernese Mountain Dog kennelPoland
Sosnowe Zacisze
Bernese Mountain Dog kennel

Sosnowe Zacisze it�s typical home kennel in the full sense of this word. Our dogs live with us at home and take part in our daily live activities. Time when puppies appear in the house is great fun for us. Playing with them, watch them grown and as they learn how to buck - it's a great, great pleasure. Constant contact with people has a positive effect on their psyche.

Kennel Spelniony Sen - Bernese Mountain DogPoland
Kennel Spelniony Sen
Bernese Mountain Dog

We have Bernese Mountain Dog Kennel. We treat our dogs like members of our family. We take them everywhere with us.They are very friendly towards people. We take care of our dogs, their health, happiness and best quality of their lives.

Litters in our home appear occasionally, with most careful selections of parents. We are members of FCI. On 28th of January 2011, we received a kennel name called Spełniony Sen (No reg 6169/S).

Czarcia Farma - Landseer, Berneński Pies PasterskiPoland
Czarcia Farma
Landseer, Berneński Pies Pasterski

Hello! For many years we have been breeding dogs: Landseer and Bernese mountain dog. We belong to the Polish Kennel Club Branch in Kielce. We have beautiful dogs and bitches both races. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the site of our kennel


Elevage du Haras de la VergneFrance

30 ans de passion et de de sélection pour les Bouviers Bernois.

Milzino sirdisLithuania
Milzino sirdis

Bernese mountain dig kennel in Lithuania. Our goal is to breed healthy and show class bernese mountain dogs with great bloodlines from all Around the world. For now we have a litter C for sale!

Berner von HimmelblauAustria
Berner von Himmelblau

Wir sind eine FCI anerkannte Zuchtstätte seit 2007.

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