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Border Collie

Jardorku Border Collie & English cocker spanielIceland
Border Collie & English cocker spaniel

I breed Border Collies and English cocker spaniels with the aim to have healthy working dogs with good temperaments that can be grate companions for any active family. I pick homes for my puppy's carefully.

English Cocker Spaniel

Los Baganes Border CollieSpain
Los Baganes Border Collie

We are a family in love with Border Collies: their physique, their great intelligence, their great willingness to work, their understanding, their fidelity, their great capacity for communication ...

We are very grateful to share our life with them.

Hola-Hopa Border collie

Border collie kennel. Border collie for sport, with great character and a nice exterior.

'Wena Istnienia' Border Collie Home KennelPoland
'Wena Istnienia'
Border Collie Home Kennel

Border Collie Home Kennel from Poland. We breed sport dogs. We invite you to visit our web site where you find all information about. Feel free to contact us.

Fasstari - Border Collie & Great DanePoland
FASSTARI - Border Collie & Great Dane

Welcome to border collie & great dane kennel.

Great Dane

Thiwahe Border colliesCzechia
Thiwahe Border collies

The aim is that our dogs lived a wonderful life full of activities that we enjoy together and that creates the strongest bond between us. We live side by side with our wonderful dogs and care for them with love, we are THIWAHE.

Professional Choice KennelHungary

Australian Cattle Dog - Border Collie - Welsh Corgi Pembroke The Professional Choice Kennel was created in 2011 in Europe,Hungary. The name refers to we feel love for dogs and horses,as well as pursuit to more and better results. The main profile of our kennel is shepherd dog breeding,which is perfect for horse lover people also.

The Border Collie from the borderlands of England and Scotland herding mainly sheep,while the Australian Cattle Dog herding huge cattle such as Welsh Corgi Pembroke,but all of them types are great for follow the horse riders. In addition,these three types general properties is the versatility,so the owners can play sports,go to show,go a variety of exhibitions,or do rescue dog training with them. We try our dogs in most areas and belief at compliance the best interests and abilities. In the last three years our dog herding sheeps,do agility and attended in obedience and rescue dog training. We attach great importance to participation the national and international dog shows,which is show a lot of cup,diploma,ribbon and gold braid.

Australian Cattle DogWelsh Corgi Pembroke

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