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 Bouledogue français / French Bulldog

 Französiche Bulldogge

French Bulldog Kennel Blue Shark Hungary Dog Breeders
Blue Shark French Bulldog Kennel

Registered French Bulldog puppies in all colors (blue, blue pied, white, pied, brindle, cream, fawn, cream pied. Puppies availalble now. Please visit our website to see our dogs, available puppies and get all the info.

French Bulldogs Kennel KakasfogóHungary Dog Breeders
KAKASFOGÓ French Bulldog Kennel

Our common story with French bulldogs started in 1992, when we decided to make acquintance with a calm and balanced dog. The primary importance of breeding is the health of our dogs. We solely mate with dogs, which have excellent genetic code.

The puppies are brought up in the family with love. We wants the new keepers to provide for everything for the new-comer puppies and these wonderful creatures will thank for it with unforgettable minutes.

Az elsődleges fontosságát a tenyésztés egészségügyi kutyánk. Mi kizárólag mate kutyákkal, amelyek kiváló genetikai kódját. A kölykök nevelkedett a családban a szeretet. Azt szeretné, ha az új tulajdonosok, hogy mindent a jövevény kölykei és ezek a csodálatos lények is köszönhetjük, hogy felejthetetlen percet.

kennel Janoel  french bulldogsCzech Republic Dog Breeders
kennel Janoel french bulldogs

kennel Janoel - top quality frenches

20 years breeding top quality french bulldogs for showing and breeding. Top quality, 100% health and happy character.

Bulldogs Kennel Happytime Italy Dog Breeders
Happytime Bulldogs Kennel

We breed with the best english blood lines, we do not produce a few puppies but we have a big quality puppies!!

English Bulldog

French Bulldog Kennels Chien-Iache and Capo-CaroHungary Dog Breeders
Chien-Iache and Capo-Caro Kennels

We have some nice dogs with much show results. See my Side, Please! I hope you will enjoy!

French Bulldogs kennel Mini BombázóHungary Dog Breeders
Mini Bombázó kennel

We are a french bulldog kennel in Hungary. On our site you can see our dogs with pedigree, show results and photos and puppies for sale.

French Bulldog du clos des voinaudsFrance Dog Breeders
Elevage du clos des voinauds

Elevage Familial de bouledogues français et teckel à poil ras, inscrit au lof et FCI.

Dachshund standard smooth

French Bulldogs Kennel Black PirateHungary Dog Breeders
Black Pirate kennel

We are a french bulldog kennel in Hungary.

French Bulldog Enrico van de FransewegGermany Dog Breeders
Enrico van de Franseweg - French Bulldog

Enrico van de Franseweg is a very nice and promising french bulldog. On his site you can find a lot of nice and professional pictures and all informations about the pedigree and line.

French Bulldogs de Moravie noblesseCzech Republic Dog Breeders
de Moravie noblesse

French bulldog kennel from Czech republic.

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