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Cote Basque criador de Bulldog FrancesSpain
Cote Basque criador de Bulldog Frances

Cria selectiva de Bulldog Francés. Asesoramos para la correcta eleccion antes de comprar su cachorro, nuestros bulldogs son perros sanos, siguen el standard y son perros con muy buen carácter y bien sociabilizados. Ocasionalmente tenemos cachorros de bulldog frances disponibles. Cria y seleccion de Bulldog Frances, criador de cachorros de bulldog frances en guipuzcoa, bajo estandar oficial de la raza. Ocasionalmente cachorros de bulldog frances disponibles. Cría y alta selección de Bulldog Frances. Criadero de Bulldog Francés que trabaja con genética de campeones. Cachorros bellos y saludables. Criadero familiar de Bulldog Francés, dedicado a la crianza en un entorno familiar de perros de Raza Bulldog Frances para show y para mascotas. Cote Basque cria familiar de Bulldog frances. Bulldog frances calidad show. Criadores de bulldog frances, venta de cachorros bulldog frances.

French bulldog kennel, Ocasionally puppies available, Breeding and selection of French Bulldog, bulldog breeder of pups french under official breed standard. Occasionally litters available. Show quality french bulldog, Cote Basque breeding French Bulldog family. Breeding and selection of French Bulldog, bulldog breeder of pups french under official breed standard. French bulldog puppies occasionally available. Breeding and selection of French Bulldog high. French Bulldog Breeder working with genetics of champions. Beautiful and healthy puppies. French Bulldog family kennel dedicated to breeding in a family of French Bulldog breed dogs for show and pet. Cote Basque breeding French Bulldog family. French Bulldog show quality. French bulldog breeders, french bulldog puppies for sale.


Blue French Bulldogs from Holland

Our love for the (blue) French Bulldog is being expressed in our 'Blauwe Bulldog' (Blue Bulldog) kennel. We have health and a good character in high esteem and for our puppies we try to find a home where they will be a member of the family and where they will be loved and respected.

If you have questions, please contact us via ...


Quite by case we came in contact with the world of Frenchies, and the love for boule breed was born... We have to mention that this love does not subside with time, but it becomes just stronger and stronger...

The first French Bulldog comes into our home in 2007. His name is Toto. He is our great love, but unfortunately due to congenital health problems he lives with us just a little more than a year...

2008 – Nenad starts the internship for the canine judge. 2010 – reach the goal and becomes the judge for the French Bulldog.

Our primary objective is to contribute at least a small part in preserving the breed, breeding and genetic health of the French Bulldog - the perfect friend. All this needs to be done for future generations and future owners, to let them enjoy this little wonder capable of getting under your skin and the blanket as well.

We are proud members of the Kennel Club ODŽACI.

Kennel is registered with the FCI and KSS at the end of 2011 – under the number 5251.

For now, that’s all folks...
Greetings to all dog lovers.

Magnus Opus French Bulldog KennelCyprus
Magnus Opus French Bulldog Kennel

Magnus Opus is a new French bulldog kennel based in Paphos (Cyprus). All our dogs are primarily our best friends and part of the family.

We aim to produce happy, healthy dogs which have good show potential or just a wonderful family pet. See the adventures of our dogs on our website by visiting "It's a dogs' Life".

Jevousaime French Bulldogs, Pugs and DobermansGBR Dog Breeders
French Bulldogs, Pugs and Dobermans

We are a small, family-based breeder located in West London. Our focus is on French Bulldogs, Pugs and Dobermans because of our great love and lifelong passion for the breeds.

We aim to breed high quality, healthy puppies, sound in body and of good temperament, that will be a blessing to their new loving families. All our dogs are raised in our home and used to children and dogs and cats.

Pug         Dobermann

Neibull BulldogsUK
Neibull Bulldogs

Neibull Bulldogs is a Kennel based bulldog breeder based in south wales We have many years experince breeding and showing british and french bulldogs. We breed to the bulldog breed standard, and ensure soundness of health, correct temperament and show quality. All our stud dogs are availble for stud.

English Bulldog

Sacro Romano Impero KennelItaly
Sacro Romano Impero Kennel

We breed French Bulldog and Labrador Retriever. Best bloodline for French Bulldog all over the world and American Bloodline for Labrador Retriever. All our reproductors are tested. Our stud male are available for approved beatch only.

Labrador Retriever

Iz Doma Edisonya Kennel French BulldogsRussia
IZ DOMA EDISONYA Kennel French Bulldogs

We set as the objective, to use in cultivation, manufacturers of the best nurseries of the Europe and the United States America, constantly improving a livestock of our dogs. Aspiration to We prove to perfection the successful, long-term activity recognized by authoritative experts of the different countries. Already more than 10 years we are members the Austrian Club of French Bulldogs.

Mon Meilleur Ami kennelUkraine
Mon Meilleur Ami kennel

Mon Meilleur Ami kennel French bulldogs and Chihuahua all dogs and information on web page kennel.


Zwinger von der BruchmühleGermany
Zwinger von der Bruchmühle

Liebevolle Hobbyzucht am Rande Berlins.


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