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English bulldog LeneycoCzechia
Leneyco English bulldog

FCI kennel, Our kennel specializes in the English Bulldog breed. We are members of the Bulldog Club Czech Republic. Our dogs live in shared household with us, they can run around a garden, and take a lot of walks with us. We give them all the care they need.

High Societ BullsGermany

We have a small familykennel and English Bulldogs are our live. Since we had the first Bulldog in the year 2000, we felt in love with this special breed. From time to time we have puppies for suitable Bulldoglovers.

All our dogs live in the house as a part of our family. Our aim is to breed healthy and beautiful dogs in high quality, out of excellent bloodlines.

Zlonínské pláně English BulldogCzechia
Zlonínské pláně

Chovatelská stanice Anglických buldoků.

English bulldogs kennel FCI.

Belaja magijaRussia
Belaja magija

Kennel "Belaja magija" from Russia (FCI).Breed: Pug, English Bulldog, Chihuahua, French bulldogs. Shows, puppy for sale.

Pug French Bulldog Chihuahua

SmoothPowerPack BulldogsGermany
SmoothPowerPack Bulldogs

Small selective Bulldog kennel.


Cría y selección,exclusiva y especializada de Bulldog Inglés.

Breeding and selection, exclusive and specialized English Bulldog.

DIPLOMATE AMBASSADEUR - family kennel FCICzechia
family kennel FCI

Visit our website and see our Champions and top quality puppies. We are family kennel based in Czech Republic. Individual care for each dog, love and devotion!

French Bulldog

Elevage du Grand MolosseFrance
Elevage du Grand Molosse

Elevage du grand molosse dans les vosges en lorraine propose chiots fila brasileiro, bull terrier, amstaff, staffordshire bull terrier, bulldog anglais et bouledogue français.

Touts nos chiots sont vendus pucés, vacinés, inscrit au LOF et accompagné d'un certificat véto.

American Staffordshire Terrier Staffordshire Bull Terrier Bull Terrier French Bulldog Fila Brasileiro

Just Braveheart BulldogsGermany
Just Braveheart Bulldogs

Just Braveheart is dedicated to bred some of the best quality Bulldogs. All our dogs are healthchecked, they are part of our family. Here you can find happy and healthy showquality doggies with some of the most famous bloodlines. We set quality over quantity!

Black Currant'sFinland
Black Currant's

Black Currant's is a small home Kennel breeding english bulldogs with lot of love and passion, located in northern Finland.


Приветствую всех поклонников бульдогов и приглашаю принять участие в создании виртуального города BulldogCity.ru ! Отдельная страница для вашего любимца, личный раздел для питомников, фото и видео галерея, доска объявлений. Когда нужно поделиться опытом или попросить совета - дневник или онлайн обсуждения. Большая библиотека статей о породе и самые свежие новости из мира собак!!!

Ira's Bulls BulldogsMalta
IRA'S BULLS Bulldogs

We are a family run kennel located on the minuscule but nonetheless beautiful island of Malta. We breed according to the standard with particular emphasis to health.

 Small People kennel English and Blue French bulldogsRussia
English and Blue French bulldogs

Kennel "Small People" Offers Puppies of English and the French bulldog rare colors.

French Bulldog

Merdiorix KennelFinland
Merdiorix Kennel

Small home kennel whit breed dog bordeaux or english bulldog.

Dogue de Bordeaux

Elevage de l'Ancien PresbytereFrance
Elevage de l'Ancien Presbytere

Eleveurs diplomés, passionnés depuis toujours, nous ne faisons naître que des chiots LOF haut de gamme pour lesquels nous choisissons les lignées avec soin et amour.

Si vous êtes à la recherche d'un chiot haut de gamme, d'un(e) retraité(e) d'élevage ou d'une saillie pour votre chienne, vous trouverez sur notre site les LOF de nos reproducteurs ainsi que de nombreuses photos de nos adorables toutous...!

French Bulldog Shar Pei Cane Corso Italiano

Royal Prade English Bulldogs KennelRussia
ROYAL PRADE English Bulldogs Kennel

English Bulldog Kennel Russia Moscow.

Smoothie's KennelPyrénées Orientale, France Dog Breeders
Smoothie's Kennel

Selection of the Chow Chow and Bulldog. Our puppies are available for shows and as pets. Beauty and character guaranted. Excellent structure and type. Champion bloodlines. Tested free specimens of displasia.

Chow Chow

Urbani BulldogItaly
Urbani Bulldog

We breed English Bulldogs in Italy since 1989. Welcome to visit our website.

Dansing KennelRussia
Dansing Kennel

We are pleased to welcome you to our kennel. English Bulldog - the most wonderful and amazing dog breed. Bulldog first appeared in our house in 1992. In 1993 we released our first litter with the prefix Dancing Queen, registered in RKF. In 2003, the kennel was registered Dancing in FCI.

We consolidated the blood in the kennel of many famous nurseries in England and Europe, such as OCOBO, MYSTYLE, BRITISHPRIDE, WENCAR, ICEGLINT, BLEJENHOEK. Our breeding dogs have a stable mind, perfect anatomical addition and good health, as evidenced by the longevity of our pets. Dogs Kennel stably are successfully exposed at shows of the highest rank. They are used extensively in many professional breeding kennels, both Russian and foreign. Owning a puppy purchased in our kennel, we provide comprehensive assistance and are confident that, as we do, they will love this truly amazing and wonderful breed. We hope that visiting our website will be for you an interesting and useful.

Britishus Show BulldogsUK
BRITISHUS Show Bulldogs

Small Show Kennel located in Chichester in United Kingdom. Stud service available. Frozen/Chilled semen available for shipping worldwide. Puppies sometimes available, export enquiries welcome. Please visit us online.


Miniature bull terrier for sale, buldogs and pug. You are always Wellcome.

Miniature Bull Terrier Pug

Lav Lap Top English Bulldog Kennel FClRussia
Lav Lap Top English Bulldog Kennel FCl

English bulldog kennel located in Russia near Moscow. Our aim is to breed healthy, breed typical bulldogs with sound movement and good character.

Our English bulldogs have many champions in there blood lined. Our puppies leave us vaccinated, wormed and microchiped. Puppies available "showprospects", for breeding and lovely pets. We ship puppies worldwide.

Bully-Fen - kennel of english bulldogRussia
Bully-Fen - kennel of english bulldog

Our kennel presents breeds: Bulldog, Bouledogue Francias, Pug. Information about these breeds you can find in corresponding divisions.

French Bulldog Pug

Du Begawan Solo bouledogue francais & anglais Belgium
Du Begawan Solo
bouledogue francais & anglais

Elevage familial de bouledogue francais & anglais, pédigrée saint hubert F.C.I. tout nos chiens sont testés ADN.

French Bulldog

Angel della gioiosa bulldog inglesiVicenza, Italy Dog Breeders
Angel della gioiosa bulldog inglesi

Allevamento bulldog inglesitestati ecocardiodoplerdnacuccioli disponibili.

Pinkbull Estrellas Bulldog KennelHungary
Pinkbull Estrellas Bulldog Kennel

Bulldog kennel located in Hungary, specialized in show bulldog breeding. "See the World in PINK!"

Duch Kilimandżaro FCIPoland
Duch Kilimandżaro FCI

Welcome to our website. We are home kennel from Poland. We are very proud to have this wonderful breeds, our Bichon Havanais, British Bulldog. All our dogs have excellent orgin, health and temperaments. We speak English, Serbian and Russian languages.


Ot Zolotoi Geishi kennel of English bulldogsRussia
Ot Zolotoi Geishi
kennel of English bulldogs

On pages of a site you can get acquainted both with dogs of nursery, and with graduates who please the owners not only in territory of Russia, but also in the countries of near and far abroad.

We hope that resource visiting will cause in you good feelings and, probably, desire to result in your house this plush miracle - a puppy of an English bulldog.

Wonderful BulldogItaly
Wonderful Bulldog

ll nostro allevamento di bulldog inglese è composto da giovani elementi che vantano discendenze da grandissimi campioni, solo le migliori linee di sangue, le più importanti e titolate a livello mondiale.

FireboxBull Terriers and English BulldogsPoland
Bull Terriers and English Bulldogs

A small kennel located in Poland - Krakovbreeding Bulldog and Bull Terriers. Our aim is to breed healthy & standard dogs which confirm to the English breed standards.

Bull Terrier

Kennel MolosshusetDenmark
Kennel Molosshuset

Breeding Mastino Napolitano, English and French Bulldog ... Our goals are physically and mentally healthy family dogs.

Neapolitan Mastiff French Bulldog

de Molossie<br>Mastiffs, Bullmastiffs &bulldogs Anglaispays de la Loire, Mayenne, France Dog Breeders
de Molossie
Mastiffs, Bullmastiffs &bulldogs Anglais

Une passion et une connaissance de la race depuis 30 ans. Notre sélection, est la santé, le caractère et la beauté.

Régulièrement nous avons de nouvelles lignées, ce qui est indispensable pour avoir un élevage en bonne santé, nos lignées sont américaines et anglaises.

English Mastiff Bullmastiff

Lion's Heart BulldogItaly
Lion's Heart Bulldog

Allevamento per la selezione del bulldog inglese. Nel nostro allevamento troverete le migliori linee di sangue inglesi,quindi soggetti molto tipici,con qualita da show e soprattutto sani. I nostri sogetti infatti sono testati DNA e Ecocardiodoppler.

Discreet Glamour of The Bourgeoisie English Bulldog KennelPoland
Discreet Glamour of The Bourgeoisie
English Bulldog Kennel

My kennel affix has been registered with the Polish Kennel Club and FCI since 1996. It has also been registered as the first Polish bulldog kennel affix with The Bulldog Club (Inc.) since 1998 and with The Bulldog Club of America since August 2002.

I breed for type, soundness and temperament from selected top world blood lines. My puppies are home-raised, have outstanding temperament, to grow up and socialize with other bullies and people.

The motto of my breeding program is: "Only good makes good".

GladeStone - kennel of english bulldogsRussia
GladeStone - kennel of english bulldogs

On our site we want to invite you into the world of amazing and wonderful friend of man - a real gentleman of the dog world - the English Bulldog. We will introduce you to our dogs, talk about the exciting journey that may never have taken place, do not be with us the Bulldog!

We hope to share with you, dear friends, a particle of the love that lives in our family between people and bulldogs.

De mont rebellis Dogues de BordeauxFrance
De mont rebellis Dogues de Bordeaux

We are happy to share our passion ; Lovers of beautiful Bordeaux dogs and English bulldogs ... Owners of CH Duke-Udson junior de la demeure combréenne. Have a look on our website !

Dogue de Bordeaux

infinitybulls - English bulldogBelgium
infinitybulls - English bulldog

Breader of English bulldogs.

Ruslan's english bulldogsUkraine
Ruslan's english bulldogs

Сайт титулованных Английских Бульдогов Руслана Оберенко, Украина. На страницах сайта Вы познакомитесь с нашими бульдогами, найдете много полезной информации, фотографий выставок, щенков.

Добро пожаловать на сайт, всегда рады откликнуться.

kennel DagostarEstonia
kennel Dagostar

We are a little kennel in Estonia.Our first pedigree dog was french bulldog Lote. She came to our family at 2007. 2 years later came to our family alittle english bulldog girl and ever sence our love belong to all bulldogs.

French Bulldog

Bulls of ParadiseHungary
Bulls of Paradise

FCI/MEOE - English Bulldog and Pug - Breeder.


Made in JyocoFrance
Made in Jyoco

Elevage de Bulldog anglais dans le Nord de la France.

Wencar BulldogsUK
Wencar Bulldogs

I have been in Bulldogs over 40 odd years and my dad befor meI breed show and judgeall over the world.

Neibull BulldogsUK
Neibull Bulldogs

Neibull Bulldogs is a Kennel based bulldog breeder based in south wales We have many years experince breeding and showing british and french bulldogs. We breed to the bulldog breed standard, and ensure soundness of health, correct temperament and show quality. All our stud dogs are availble for stud.

French Bulldog

Limithd Edition by DieselSlovakia
Limithd Edition by Diesel

Health, Beauty, Standard.


Small breed, in the heart of Switzerland. English Bulldogs with passion.

VanTrod engelse bulldogBelgium
VanTrod engelse bulldog

Fokt reeds 40jaar engelse bulldogen.

In the late seventies we bought our first English bulldog. The ever-continuing process of learning has started. Through the years we learned to see the differences between a bulldog and a good bulldog. Today we are still perfecting our breeds with the best bulldogs from here and abroad. You will find every well credited bulldog name of Europe in the pedigree of one of our own. We have had several Belgian and international champions, yes, even a world champion!


Питомник английских бульдогов в России. Зарегистрирован в системе FCI. Мы занимаемся разведением качественных, здоровых собак. Грамотный подход к породе, красивые щенки, гарантия качества.

Mighty Diamond's English bulldog & Chow chow kennelHFrance Dog Breeders
Mighty Diamond's
English bulldog & Chow chow kennel

Elevage de Bulldog Anglais et Chow chow en France. Chiots LOF uniquement.

Chow Chow

Cool Dog Star - FCI kennel - English BulldogCzechia
Cool Dog Star - FCI kennel - English Bulldog

English Bulldog kennel - FCI registered. We breed top quality english bulldogs. We pride ourselves on breeding really healthy, movable and powerful bulldogs with fantastic temperaments. All our dogs are healthy and tested and all our puppies have health guarantee certificate. We have years of experience in this breed.

Buldog Angielski The Big Al FCIPoland
Buldog Angielski The Big Al FCI

Witamy na stronie Hodowli Buldogów Angielskich.

English Bulldog Kennel The Big Al FCI.

Złota Różyczka z Gór FCIPoland
Złota Różyczka z Gór FCI

W mojej hodowli znajdują się pieski rasy Chin Japoński, Yorkshire Terrier i Buldog Angielski. Zapraszam do obejrzenia strony. Hodowla jest zarejestrowana w Związku Kynologicznym w Polsce.

Chin Yorkshire Terrier

British Pirates Istanbul, Turkey Dog Breeders
British Pirates

My name is Natalia Ceran, I live in Turkey and have been breeding English bulldogs. I consider my dogs to be an extension of my family so it goes without saying that they’re treated with the utmost care & respect & reared inside & not left to the confines of the outdoors to brave the elements.

I’m proud to state that I’m the first kennel in Turkey breeding thoroughbred English Bulldogs. My kennel is in registered with the FCI in August 2011. In conclusion, I vouch to share all the knowledge I have picked up with my prospective clients in an effort to continuously improve the health of our beloved breed.

O.Iskras питомник собак китайский шарпей и английский бульдогUkraine
O.Iskras питомник собак китайский шарпей и английский бульдог

O.Iskras-питомник собак китайский шарпей и английский бульдог существует 15 лет, зарегистрирован в FCI под номером 65/05. Профессионально занимается разведением и выставочной деятельностью. На сайте питомника можно посмотреть фотографии собак, их титулы, а также выбрать щенка, или кобеля для вязки..

Shar Pei

Rokoluck Show BulldogsUK
Rokoluck Show Bulldogs

Bulldog kennel in Kent UK.

Honourabull Bulldogs Showdogs and BreedersUK
Honourabull Bulldogs
Showdogs and Breeders

Kc registered Bulldog Breeders and show kennel in United Kingdom.

Renescent Great DanesEngland Dog Breeders
Renescent Great Danes

Breeders of Blue and Blue Bred Black Great Danes.

Great Dane

Of Scrubland British BulldogFrance
OF SCRUBLAND British Bulldog

Petit élevage familial situé dans le Sud de la France, non loin des Massifs de la Ste Baume, du Mont Aurélien et de la Ste Victoire. Notre premier bulldog anglais est arrivé à la suite d'une balade sur une exposition. Quelle tête, quel charisme, quelle allure..... Certains pourraient dire moches, baveux, péteurs, rôteurs, mais moi je suis tombée amoureuse de ce facies si atypique.

Eddy est arrivé un jour de février 2010. Petite boule de poils si adorable, devenue aujourd'hui un athlète puissant, tellement doux et câlin. Impossible de s'arrêter. Alors c'est Hagathe qui a rejoint le foyer en juillet 2012. Une beauté à l'état pur. Une chipie aussi, très heureuse de faire tourner le "gros" en bourrique. et puis........ bientôt...... 1700m² de jardin sous les oliviers pour se divertir mais surtout toute la maison pour dormir. Chez nous pas de cage, pas de box. Garant d'un élevage sain, - Nos chiens sont tous LOF testés ADN et HUU - Ils ont tous leur TAN - Ils sont tous côtés au Club du Bulldog Anglais et de ce fait sont régulièrement en exposition. - Nous sommes membre du Club du Bulldog Anglais A votre disposition pour de plus amples renseignements Bonne visite.....

Kennel 'Vinnitsa Lend'Ukraine
Kennel 'Vinnitsa Lend'

Welcome to kennel "Vinnitsa Lend"! We will be happy to provide any assistance on breeds that are we have in kennel!

German Shepherd Dog

De I Titani di Urano Show Bulldogs and and Basset HoundItaly
De I Titani di Urano
Show Bulldogs and and Basset Hound

English Bulldogs and Basset Hounds in Alessandria ITA.

Basset Hound

SO LOVELY BULL'S - Elevage Bulldogs AnglaisFrance
Elevage Bulldogs Anglais

SO LOVELY BULL'S: Elevage Bulldogs Anglais Hautes origines

Elevage de bulldogs anglais situé dans une charmante petite ville aveyronnaise appelée FIRMI, au coeur de l'ancien bassin minier de DECAZEVILLE.

Eleveur - Sélectionneurs De Bulldogs Anglais hautes origines. Notre "Show-Team" est composée de Bulldogs aux origines anglaises prestigieuses (SAINTGEORGES Bulldogs - HIISING Bulldogs).

Nous sommes membres du Club du Bulldogs Anglais. Notre élevage est testé  ADN. Chiots LOF exclusivement.

Englorious BulldogsGreece
Englorious Bulldogs

We are a small kennel located in Greece, We dedicated to breed healthy & quality bulldogs. Our Dogs are part of our family and live with us.. All our dogs are health checked. We attend to shows International, National and Abroad.. Enjoy our web site and feel free to contact for any information.

Keru SlibinaiLithuania
Keru Slibinai

We breed English bulldogs, English Bull Terriers and White Swiss Shepherds. All these breeds are connected by a feature which is very important to us, namely tolerance and love for children.

We are a "family kennel" - we have few dogs in order to give enough love and attention to all of them. Dogs do not live in cages but together with us. We plan to expand moderately while trying to ensure that all kennel dogs have a good mental and physical health. We are doing compulsory and additional health examinations according to the LKD standards. We do not have our own sires because we do not want to "stamp" puppies and we are looking for the best for our dams. We do not mate with the same sire more than two times.

We know that the lack of early socialization leads to irreplaceable changes in the functioning of the brain and its anatomy, which creates such problems as aggression and fear of humans in further life. For this reason, we focus on socialization with other dogs, people and introducing the widest range of environments. Socialization with people is the most important task in the puppy training. The future puppy's temperament is formed in about first three months of his life. Knowing these problems and, in order to avoid them, we try to socialize them early.

The socialization of puppies with people is a simple and enjoyable activity. We cannot do without the help of friends and neighbors. We throw parties for puppies who have another home and they feel safe near other dogs because we socialize not just with the mother of the puppies.

Bull Terrier White Swiss Shepherd Dog

'Slnecny Luc FCI - Bulldog & Chongqing DogSlovakia
Slnecny Luc FCI
- Bulldog & Chongqing Dog

Family breeders of Bulldog and Chongqing dog in the middle of Europe - Slovakia. We do health tests and very important is also breed standard and character of our dogs.
Welcome on our website!

Chinese Chongqing Dog

De La Combe Rousse English BulldogFrance
De La Combe Rousse

English Bulldog LOF (FCI) kennel. From 2007.

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