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Bulldog Anglais MetakisbullsFrance

Metakisbulls : la passion du bulldog.

Nous sommes un élevage passionné de bulldogs anglais situé en proche banlieue sud de Paris, au Kremlin Bicêtre. Nos bulldogs et nos chiots sont issus de lignées riches en champions.

Nos bébés bulldogs sont inscrits au lof et nous quittent âgés de huit à dix semaines vaccinés, pucés et vermifugés.

Elevage de La Queue du GrillFrance

Elevage de continental bulldog en France.

Continental Bulldog

Les Bulldogs Anglais et Les Bouledogues Français du RelaisFrance
du Relais - Les Bulldogs Anglais
et Les Bouledogues Français

Des photos et des vidéos de nos chiots Bulldogs Anglais et Bouledogues Français que nous élevons occasionnellement au milieu de nos adultes. Notre élevage est un élevage familial. Tous nos chiots sont inscrits au LOF et partent dans leur nouvelle famille après 8 semaines révolues vaccinés vermifugés et identifiés par transpondeur.

French Bulldog

Bulldogs Starrynight'sSpain
Starrynight's Bulldogs

Bulldogs fullfilling the standard and, something even more important, very often forgotten, healthy and long-lived bullies, besides of happy and friendly specimen.


We are living in germany, and loves English Bulldogs! Our Bulldogs are very healthy, happy and lives in the house with us like our childrens! Sometimes puppies available!!!

kennel of Rikmans BulldogsLatvia
kennel of Rikmans bulldogs

Nursery "Rikmans" FCI-1998Friends and admirers of breed an English bulldog!My partners, favourites and results are offered your attention Breeding work since 1994.The nursery is engaged in careful selection of breeding pairs and cultivation Bulldogs bright, massive, short and thickset.

Japanese Chin

Erisbull English BulldogsUkraine Breeders
ERISBULL English bulldogs

Breeder of English bulldogs in Ukraine. Please visit our Webpage.

bullde Sharonbull English BulldogSpain
bulldeSHARONBULL English Bulldog

Friends of the Bulldog, Spain.

Battle CarDogsUkraine
Battle CarDogs

On the pages of our site we would like to share our love to 2 most wonderful breeds: English bulldog & Dogue de Bordeaux. For the past few years we have bred only these 2 breeds.

Our primary focus is on doing all we can to produce physically and mentally sound dogs. Healthy and happy. Also we make every effort to minimize the manifestation of inherited defects to the best of our ability by screening future breeding stock for those problems related to our breeds.

Dogue de Bordeaux

Simplydoor BulldogItaly
Simplydoor Bulldog

Quality english bulldog breedeing in Italy. The breeding philosophy of Simplydoor Bulldos kennel is: quality and not quantity.

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