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English bulldog LeneycoCzechia
Leneyco English bulldog

FCI kennel, Our kennel specializes in the English Bulldog breed. We are members of the Bulldog Club Czech Republic. Our dogs live in shared household with us, they can run around a garden, and take a lot of walks with us. We give them all the care they need.

High Societ BullsGermany

We have a small familykennel and English Bulldogs are our live. Since we had the first Bulldog in the year 2000, we felt in love with this special breed. From time to time we have puppies for suitable Bulldoglovers.

All our dogs live in the house as a part of our family. Our aim is to breed healthy and beautiful dogs in high quality, out of excellent bloodlines.

Zlonínské pláně English BulldogCzechia
Zlonínské pláně

Chovatelská stanice Anglických buldoků.

English bulldogs kennel FCI.

Belaja magijaRussia
Belaja magija

Kennel "Belaja magija" from Russia (FCI).Breed: Pug, English Bulldog, Chihuahua, French bulldogs. Shows, puppy for sale.

Pug French Bulldog Chihuahua

SmoothPowerPack BulldogsGermany
SmoothPowerPack Bulldogs

Small selective Bulldog kennel.


Cría y selección,exclusiva y especializada de Bulldog Inglés.

Breeding and selection, exclusive and specialized English Bulldog.

DIPLOMATE AMBASSADEUR - family kennel FCICzechia
family kennel FCI

Visit our website and see our Champions and top quality puppies. We are family kennel based in Czech Republic. Individual care for each dog, love and devotion!

French Bulldog

Elevage du Grand MolosseFrance
Elevage du Grand Molosse

Elevage du grand molosse dans les vosges en lorraine propose chiots fila brasileiro, bull terrier, amstaff, staffordshire bull terrier, bulldog anglais et bouledogue français.

Touts nos chiots sont vendus pucés, vacinés, inscrit au LOF et accompagné d'un certificat véto.

American Staffordshire Terrier Staffordshire Bull Terrier Bull Terrier French Bulldog Fila Brasileiro

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