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Chihuahuas Andrax Gold KennelSlovakia
Andrax Gold kennel

Chihuahua & Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from Slovakia. Stud dog, shows, puppies, more informations and photos about our dogs.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Sir Glenn's Company Kennel ChihuahuasSwitzerland
shorthair Chihuahuas

Shorthair Chihuahuas from Switzerland.

Chihuahuas Helena's Band KennelRussia

HELENA'S BAND Chihuahuas. We'll breed both coats chihuahua and all colors and pattern. Our dogs are all members of our family, they warm our beds as well as our hearts.

Komel Kennel ChihuahuasRussia
KOMEL Chihuahuas

Chihuahua's kennel from Russia.


Chihuahuas Pink Candy KennelMoscow/Russia Dog Breeders
Pink Candy - Chihuahuas

Pink Candy - Chihuahuas Puppies.

Bohemia Mandiga Kennel ChihuahuasCzechia
Bohemia Mandiga
Chihuahuas & White Swiss Shepherds

Traditional family kennel, founded 1992 of White swiss shepherds and chihuahuas. Big photoworld ! Welcome :)

White Swiss Shepherd Dog

Chininas kennelSweden
Chininas kennel

We breeds Chihuahua, Cirneco dell'Etnas and Italian Greyhounds. Our dogs live as part of our family and sleeps in bed and sit in the TV sofa at night.

Italian greyhound         Cirneco dell'Etna

Ehl Dynasty Chihuahuas kennelCzechia
Ehl Dynasty - Chihuahuas kennel

Breeding station of chihuahua long haired, information about dog shows, training, nutrition, care of coat and much more. Breed male and female and their puppies.

Shani Shan  ChihuahuasRussia
SHANI SHAN pugs & chihuahuas

Pug & chihuahua "Shani Shan".


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