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 Dachshund / Teckel

Oet Shuwik's TipiNetherlands Dog Breeders
Oet Shuwik's Tipi

We breed standard wirehaired Dachshunds and Australian Shepherds. Please visit our homepage for more information.

Australian Shepherd

Manaca's Cocker spaniels & Miniature DachshundsSweden Dog Breeders
Cocker spaniels & Miniature Dachshunds

Breeder of English Cocker spaniel at Top level. Also a small breeding of shorthaired miniture Dachshunds.

English Cocker Spaniel

Diva Noire standard short haired dachshund kennelHungary Dog Breeders
Diva Noire
standard short haired dachshund kennel

I'm a dachshund fan, so I'd like you to know more about my pets, my kennel. My breed have outstanding qualities in terms of appearance (phenotype). They are born and bred dachshund with a stable nervous system (excellent for burrowing).

Canisa Von Wuhlen Wirehaired dacshundsRomania Dog Breeders
Canisa Von Wuhlen - Wirehaired dacshunds

This is the official web-page of von Wuhlen Kennel from Romania, dedicated to wirehaired dachshunds (standard and kaninchen).

Lizus MaksimusPoland Dog Breeders
Lizus Maksimus

Presentation of our kennel, gallery of our dogs and our friend's dogs, results from shows, info about the breed and many more.

Wirehaired dachshunds Kennel Iz Novo-PeredelkinoRussia Dog Breeders
Kennel Iz Novo-Peredelkino
Wirehaired dachshunds

Kennel "Iz Novo-Peredelkino" is breeding the wirehaired dachshunds of all size. For soul, dogs shows and breeding.

Dagi DogPoland Dog Breeders
Dagi Dog

Standard and miniature longhaired dachshunds.

Bassotti MonnagiĆ²Italy Dog Breeders
Bassotti MonnagiĆ²

Selective breeding of Kaninchen Dachshunds in Italy.

Allevamento cani bassotti Magico VentoItaly Dog Breeders
Allevamento cani bassotti Magico Vento

Magico Vento - Allevamento amatoriale bassotto tedesco a pelo raso - Roselle Terme - Grosseto - Italy.

rauhhaarigen Kaninchenteckeln vom WambachtalGermany Dog Breeders
vom Wambachtal
rauhhaarigen Kaninchenteckeln

We are very little kennel and breed ruwhair rabbit dachshond in diverse colours (black-and-tan, red, brown).

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