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Deutsche Dogge / Great Dane / Dogue allemand

Great Danes Les Glaciers CharmantsFrance
Les Glaciers Charmants Great Danes

Blue, black and harlequin great danes kennel near to Lyon in France. Dogs and puppies living in the house with family, children and other pet.

We only breed with heatlhy danes, tested for hips dysplasy, heart, etc. They are tall, have strong bones, good body and typical head. They have a very good temperament.

Danisha Fields of GoldRussia

Great Danes from Moscow (Russia).

Serenczas FCI Shetland sheepdog and Great Dane kennelPoland
Serenczas FCI Shetland sheepdog and Great Dane kennel

Small breed shelties and Great Dane kennel. Sable, tricolor and bicolor colours. I invite you on my website.

Shetland Sheepdog

Les Grandes Terres d'AaronFrance
Les Grandes Terres d'Aaron

Fawn and brindle great danes in Brittany. I have also a multi champion fawn male.

Visit our Website and do not hesitate to leave a message on our Guest Book !

Deutsche Doggen in FlagrantiGermany
Deutsche Doggen in Flagranti

Fawn and brindle Great Danes. Registered breeder of the DDC 1888 e.V. which is connected to the VDH and FCI.

Kennel East of EdenNorway Dog Breeders
Kennel East of Eden

Breeder of Shar Pei & Great Dane in Norway.

Shar Pei

Grande Galores KennelSweden
Grande Galores Kennel

Great Danes, harlequin and black. Small breeding in home environment, we strive for friendly and mentally good dogs.

Deutsche Doggen vom ShivagoKrefeld, Germany Dog Breeders
Deutsche Doggen vom Shivago

Deutsche Doggen vom Shivago DDC1888e.V

We breed Danes in black & harleqin with white colour.

Jumalpa Dálmatas y Dogos AlemanesSpain
Jumalpa - Dálmatas y Dogos Alemanes

Cría Selectiva y Rigurosa de las mejores Líneas de las Razas Dálmata y Dogo Alemán, en ambiente familiar. Para Exposición y Compañía.


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