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 Golden Retriever

 Retriever Golden

Imperium Salonae Golden RetrieversCroatia Dog Breeders
Imperium Salonae

We feel proud to have and bred some wanderful dog.

Golden Retriever Maybe ForeverSpain Dog Breeders
Maybe Forever Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever kennel in Spain, We will have puppies shows this summer.

Pic Negre Golden RetrieverSpain Dog Breeders
Pic Negre - Golden Retriever

Pic Negre Golden Retriever, cria familiar del golden, informacion sobre la raza, resultados de exposiciones de nuestros goldens, fotos, pedigriees ...

 Golden Retriever e Labrador Retriever Nuvola RossaItaly  Dog Breeders
Nuvola Rossa
Golden Retriever e Labrador Retriever

"Nuvola Rossa" Golden Retriever e labrador Retriever ENCI-FCI Italy (Rome).

Labrador Retriever

Zulema Golden RetrieverSpain Dog Breeders
Zulema golden retriever

Criadero de golden retriever en Madrid (España).

Golden Fourgeron Golden RetrieversSpain Dog Breeders
Golden Fourgeron

Criadero de golden retriever en la provincia de Asturias (Spain).

 L'Arca Daurada Golden RetrieverValencia, Spain Dog Breeders
L'Arca Daurada

Cría y Selección de Golden Retriever. Cría familiar y responsable.

Casa de Hórus Schnauzer and Golden RetrieverPortugal Dog Breeders
Casa de Hórus
Schnauzer and Golden Retriever

Casa de Hórus kennel is quality certified by the Portuguese Veterinary National Authority (operating licence PT05001HFC2).

Breeding with quality in mind, all our sires and dams are hip, elbow and eye tested (Giant Schnauzers and Goldens) and eye tested (Miniature Schnauzers). All puppies make their eye screening test at the 7th week (Giant Schnauzers and Goldens) and 8th week (Miniature Schnauzers).

Our aim is to breed dogs with excellent health, morphology, temperament and sociability. We work to achieve, in each passing generation, better dogs in our chosen breeds.

We don't have "puppies all year round", but accept reservations both for show/reproduction/working dogs, as well for family pets.

DNA parentage test requests are considered natural, thus, welcome.

Giant Schnauzer         Miniature Schnauzer

Noris Allure Golden RetrieversRussia Dog Breeders
Noris Allure Golden Retrievers

Welcome to our web-site! Golden retrievers of Siberia! Type, Temperament, Health!

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