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Jack Russell Terrier

Baltic Staff Kennel Jack Russell TerrierLatvia
Baltic Staff Kennel - Jack Russell Terrier

Welcome to the Baltic Staff Kennel! This site Sternberg about our pet BARNI jack russell terrier - one of the first dogs FCI in Latvia. We will be happy to communicate with other kennel.

Allevamento Di Albascure Rottweiler & Jack Russell TerrierItaly
Allevamento DI ALBASCURA
Rottweiler & Jack Russell Terrier

Allevamento professionale (ric. E.N.C.I. - F.C.I.)Rottweiler & Jack Russell Terrier (pelo liscio, broken, ruvido)in possesso dei requisiti di legge (autorizzazione sanitaria - partita IVA).

Cuccioli delle migliori linee genealogiche, selezionati per morfologia e carattere. Addestramento - Educazione Cinofila (tutte le razze e fantasia) con addestratore iscritto Albo Addestratori Cinofili dell' E.N.C.I.

Premio "Mercurio d'Oro" alla Civiltà del Lavoro Città di Alessandria.


Kennel Magic MadgeCzechia
Bohemian Touch - JRT

Bohemian Touch - JRT in australian TOP Quality

We are a small family kennel specialized to JRT withfull australian blood. Feel free to see our webs a know some updated news about us :o).

Cannatura KennelsSpain
Cannatura Kennels

Welcome to Cannatura Kennel in Spain, Breeding and selection of Jack Russell Terrier.

Bienvenidos al centro canino Cannatura, Cría y selección del Jack Russell Terrier en Asturias (España).

Via HeraltiszCzechia
Via Heraltisz

Small family kennel breeding Jack Russell terriers for shows, pets and sports.

Danish Jack House'sDenmark
Danish Jack House's

Little kennel, on the middle island Funen, in Denmark. FCI standart Russell's (short legged). Show, Hunting and family dogs.

Rikoran - Jack Russell Terrier KennelRussia
Rikoran - Jack Russell Terrier Kennel

A Kennel Rikoran located in Russia, Saint-Petersburg. We successfully breed Jack Russell Terriers and American Akita. Our aim is to breed healthy, happy and beautiful puppies. Exports available to loving homes worldwide. Please visit our site for more information.

American Akita

Alma Libre KennelGreece
Alma Libre Kennel

We have Jack and Parson Russell Terriers and bicolor English Cocker Spaniel.

Our dogs live in our home with us and are of excellent character and temperament. All our dogs have been examined for the hereditary diseases. We hope you enjoy our dogs as much as we do!

Thank you for visiting Alma Libre Family,
Lina Petsiti & Elias Sofronas

Parson Russell Terrier English Cocker Spaniel

CuccioliProdigio.it - Jack Russell TerrierItaly
CuccioliProdigio.it - Jack Russell Terrier

CuccioliProdigio.it - Allevamento per selezione morfologica e caratteriale del Jack Russell Terrier. Sviluppo comportamentale del cane tramite programmi di stimolazione neurologica precoce.

CuccioliProdigio.it - Breeding and selection of Jack Russell Terrier on morphological and character behaviour. Dog's behavioral development through programs of early neurological stimulation.

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