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Labrador Retriever / Retriever du Labrador

Labradorzucht from Dragon ValleyGermany
Labradorzucht from Dragon Valley

"Die Zucht mit Sinn & Verstand"

Unsere Zucht ist Zielgerichtet und wir haben eine exakte Vorstellung, was die Aufzucht unsere Welpen anbelangt. Nicht nur das alle unsere Tiere auf HD & ED, Augenkrankheiten, PRA-Gentest, Myopathie hin untersucht werden, sondern das auch alle Wesenszüge und Rassetypischen Eigenschaften der Elterntiere erhalten bleiben.

Unsere Labradore werden nicht nur für die Zucht einmal jährlich eingesetzt, sondern stehen auch das ganze Jahr in der Ausbildung. Ausbildungen wie Jagd,- Dummyarbeit und Leistungsabzeichen stehen je nach Hund auf dem Programm, sowie die Begleithundeprüfung.

Nähere Infos über unsere Zuchtansichten und Tiere erhalten Sie auf unserer Webseite.

Baileydale LabradorsEngland
Baileydale Labradors

A small show kennel in Essex, England.

Labrador Retriever Kennel CacciaSweden
Kennel Caccia

Labrador Retrievers since 1987.

Irin Angel Labrador Retriever KennelRussia
Irin Angel Kennel

Kennel Labrador Retriever "Irin Angel" registered in FCI. Yellow and black labradors from Russia, Moscow.

Russian Toy

Meadowdale Gundogs Labrador RetrieversUK
Meadowdale Gundogs

Medaowdale Gundogs is a small kennel based in Essex, Specialising in German Shorthaired Pointers, English Springer Spaniels and Ladradors.

We both show and work our dogs, and have had 3 champions to date, and many field trial awards.

Visit our site for full information on our dogs
Kind regards
Steve & Jane Eyeington

German Shorthaired Pointer         English Springer Spaniel

Stenveyz Labrador RetrieversRussia
Stenveyz Labradors

Labradors and Flats in Russia. We have started with Labs since 1990 and our kennel is the oldest kennel in Russia.

Flat Coated Retriever

Retriever SearchRussia
Retriever Search

Retriever Search- is the huge database including: references to the Internet sites of retrievers registered in it; a database of announcements of sale of puppies, the Internet of a page of retrievers created on our resource, a database on a tree of family trees (with historical data on everyone a decade ago), advertising blocks for the companies realizing forages for dogs, advertising blocks of various subjects of exhibitions concerning carrying out and care of dogs.

And as - news, a note ретриверистов, correspondents, competitions, statistics, a топ-site, a forum, magazines and the various information. From the newest services on a site two additional programs - Retriever Money and On-lain the Exhibition will be presented. For fans of distant trips on exhibitions the list of places of carrying out of exhibitions is presented, to a way and distance to a place of their carrying out. The list of hotels for stopped with the favourites. Electronic system of record on exhibitions (during) and many other things.

Labrador Retrievers kennel Black Sea SplashesUkraine

kennel Labrador Retriever "BLACK SEA SPLASHES" registered in FCI, carries out cultivation of puppies of breed Labrador Retriever Show - class with excellent working qualities.

Vey Talie Labrador RetrieversRussia
Vey Talie labradors

"Vey Talie" - yellow and black labradors from Russia, Moscow.

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