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Labrador Retriever / Retriever du Labrador

HelasBand Labrador Retriever KennelBulgaria
HelasBand Labrador Retriever Kennel

Hela, Mika - Labrador Retriever.

Swinging  Fellow LabradorsItaly

Allevamento amatoriale per la selezione del labrador retriever.

of Angelsfantasy labradorsNetherlands
of Angelsfantasy labradors

We are a small labrador kennel where all dogs live in our house... we breed only yellow and black labradors and just one litter a year we breed only with dogs who are tested on the eyes (yearly), hips, elbows and E.I.C. we are registrated at the FCI , Dutchkennel club (raad van beheer) and NLV.

Salem's Lot Labrador Retriever KennelHungary
Salem's Lot Labrador Retriever Kennel

Our small kennel's aim is to fulfill entirely the obligatory regulations of the given breed. We are doing our best to maintain the original features of the labradors.

Labrador Retriever von MufflingGermany
Labrador Retriever von Muffling

Wir züchten gelbe und schwarze Labrador Retriever.

We breed yellow and black Labrador Retriever.

From Magnificos Knigdom kennelRussia
From Magnificos Knigdom kennel

We are breeding labradors sisnce 1998. Since 2006 we also have Bracco Italiano unique breed. I do not like advertise myself by words - visit our webpage and make your own impression.

Italian Pointing Dog

Proud Shadow labrador retriever kennelKazakhstan
labrador retriever kennel

Excellent temperament and type. All we are looking for..


We breed Labrador Retriever with passion and love. All your dogs live in our home and stay all the time by us. The puppies are have the whole family to play and we told them all they thinks they must learn for their life.

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