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Labrador Retriever / Retriever du Labrador

Crystal Valley labradors chocolat France
CRYTAL VALLEY labradors chocolat

Bienvenue à Crystal Valley !
Eleveurs depuis 15 ans uniquement de labradors chocolat pure race, nous habitons à Baccarat (Lorraine en France). Nous produisons de beaux bébés avec un excellent tempérament et une excellente morphologie. Tous nos chiens sont contrôlés et sains de hanches et coudes (A/A et 0/0) et sans tares oculaires. Tous nos chiens vivent avec nous à la maison. Venez visiter notre site !!!

Welcome to Crystal
Valley! Breeders for 15 years only of chocolate-brown Labrador pure race, we live in Baccarat (Lorraine in France). We produce beautiful babies with an excellent temperament and an excellent morphology. All our dogs are checked(controlled) and healthy of hips and bend (A/A and 0/0) and without eye defects(tare weights). All our dogs live with us at the house. Come to visit our site!!!

Sindia LabradorsItaly
Sindia Labradors

Welcome to Sindia Labradors! We are a small kennel in the country of Tuscany. We bred Labrador Retriever in all three colours. Enjoy yourself scrolling our pages!

Magnavalleys LabradorsSerbia

Our kennel is a young but very ambitious plans. We are located in Leskovac in the southern of Serbia. Credits for our love for this breed goes to my first labrador TEA, who I got as a gift from my father, back in 2002. She has been my best friend and the driving force of all that we are having now in our kennel.

The first show dog came to us in 2010. – The yellow male BEN. With it, we have achieved the first important show results. Finally, 2011. thanks to the trust kennel “Sun in Their Eyes” from Slovakia, in our kennel came female named Sany, and she has knocked us all off our feet. Besides that, she captured eyes of judges and observers, and in a short time she became Srb CH, CH SRB, MK, BG. Also, one of the greatest success of hers was when she won the European Championship CAC show in Bucharest 2012th year. In the same year from the kennel “Sun in Their Eyes” came the black male “nody”. Already in the first few months of his stay in our kennel, he proved that he is unequaled in the area and became Junior Champion of Serbia.

Our collection of good genetic material through beautiful examples of the breed continued through the 2012th year. From France was imported black male HUNTER de “L’Etang balancet” and the male from Canadian Kennel “Chablais Lamanis” who stands for its strength, appearance and incredible color of chocolate. In the same time we have registered “FCI” kennel name “South – Lamanis” FCI – 5375. As a highlight of the 2012th year is that my wife and I became parents. Our home and our lives completed and beautified new family member – Demetrius. Our son is the most precious treasure and we hope that he is going to fallow our steps into cynology. In addition to adore their dogs as pets, we will try to be conscientious breeders and to improve the quality of Labrador in Serbia. Our breeding will always be based primarily on healthy specimens of the breed.

Sirius BrixCzechia
Sirius Brix

Welcome to our website about the amazing breed Labrador Retriever. Our small, family kennel located in the heart of Europe in the Czech Republic. We have black and chocolate Labradors.

Vandenio Era kennelLithuania
Vandenio Era kennel

Labrador retriever kennel in Lithuania.

Odiepals Labrador RetrieversNetherlands
Odiepals Labrador Retrievers

Odiepals Labrador Retrievers wij hebben af en toe een nestje en fokken niet op kleur maar op ras specifieke eigenschappen Bruine en zwarte pups beschikbaar.

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