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Lhasa Apso

Kennel von Tri-Song and kennel Othangi'sGermany
Kennel von Tri-Song
and Kennel Othangi's

We are breeder of the old Lhasa Apso type.

Askja Lhasa ApsosEngland
Askja Lhasa Apsos

This site is built as my own online photo album, my dogs are my pets, all live in the house, and although we occasionally show them this is not the 'Be all and end all' it is far more important to me that my dogs are happy, healthy and have good temperaments, anything else is a bonus.

Spyanki Lhasa ApsosScotland
Spyanki Lhasa Apsos

The home of Spyanki lhasa apsos based in North Lanarkshire, Scotland.

SabiSabi kennelsUK
SabiSabi kennels

Quality american cockers for work, show or companions.

American Cocker Spaniel

of Little Oaks Lhasa ApsoGermany
of Little Oaks Lhasa Apso

All you ever wanted to know about this wonderful ancient breed: History - Travelling with Lhasas - Canada - Tibet - Health Issues - Shows and more information concerning the Lhasa Apso. German breeder since 1989 - Canadian stock. Visit our website and join us and our dogs.

Trimsalon Rianne harlekin standard poodle and lhasa apsoNetherlands
Trimsalon Rianne
harlekin standard poodle and lhasa apso

Breeder of harlekin standard poodle and lhasa apso.


Shenedene Lhasa apso'sLancashire, UK Dog Breeders
SHENEDENE Lhasa apso's

Breeders of Lhasa apso's in the UK.

Shih Tzu Old English Sheepdog

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