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Newfoundland / Neufundländer / Terre-neuve

Gran TerranovaSpain
Gran Terranova

Criadores de la raza Terranova en Marbella - Malaga.

Criadores particulares de la raza de perro Terranova, con el afijo Terranovas de Salma Aragon. Nos dedicamos a la cr�a selectiva de cachorros sanos y fuertes.

Black perleCzechia
Black perle

Newfoundland dog in the Czech republic.

Eddys TeddysGermany
Eddys Teddys

We are a breeder from Germany of quality Newfoundland Dogs. We breed for type in line with the breed standard. All dogs live in our home as part of our family. Puppies sometimes available.

Neufundländer vom ButzenseeBodelshausen, Germany Dog Breeders
Neufundländer vom Butzensee

We breed Newfoundlander since 1996 in Black an Brown.

Newfoundland dog tutti quanti terre aux LoupsFrance
tutti quanti terre aux Loups
Newfoundland dog

Newfoundland dog breeder black newfoundland dog and landseer newfoundland dog Better newfoundland dog Kennel France 2002 2003 2004 2005 2007 2008 2009.

Od řeky DyjeCzechia
Od řeky Dyje

Newfoundland kennel in the Czech republic.

Bear MountainCzechia
Bear Mountain

Black newfoundland dogs kennel from Czech republic.

Terre neuve de la Croisee des SourcesFrance
Terre neuve de la Croisee des Sources

Elevage familiale de terre neuve noir et marron.

Newfoundlands vom KaninchenbergGermany
vom Kaninchenberg Newfoundlands

We are breeding Newfoundlands since 18 years. We are member in the "VND". VND is the shortcut for "Verein von Neufundländerfreunden und -Züchtern in Deutschland e.V." . The VND is member in the German Kennel-Club (VDH) and internationally member of the FCI. Our puppies have international recognized pedigrees.

We have no kennel and raise our puppis in the family. They are very well sozialized if they come to their new homes. If you are interested in a puppy fell free to contuct us.

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