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Newfoundland / Neufundländer / Terre-neuve

Canadian BeardogCzechia
Canadian Beardog

Our kennel is located in Czech Republic. We have newfoundlands since 1998. Our goal is beautiful and healthy newfoundland with typical temperament. We are interested in breeding and shows.

Erdőalji - Newfoundland, Golden Retriever,  MoscovskayaRomania
Erdőalji - Newfoundland,
Golden Retriever, Moscovskaya

We are proud that we are offering high quality breeders, have golden retriever, Newfoundland, Newfoundland, Moscow defender All dogs come from champion line.

Golden Retriever         Moscow Watchdoge

La Légende d'HutakhaFrance
La Légende d'Hutakha

Elevage familial de Terre neuve LOF.

Neufundländer vom TriebergGermany
Neufundländer vom Trieberg

Neufundlaender-zucht, hobby, geschichte und  entwicklung der rasse, pflege, welpen-aufzucht, ausstellungen, ausstellungserfolge, champion-titel, begleitung der welpenkäufer, beratung bei aufzucht.

Brandelle Alaskan MalamutesUK
Brandelle Alaskan Malamutes

A small kennel in the UK that has both Newfoundland's & Alaskan Malamutes under the affix. Hopefully in the future to do our first breeding with the Malamutes so watch this space!

Alaskan Malamute

Czarny Bez Moje Słoneczko� -  Stud DogPoland
CZARNY BEZ Moje Słoneczko
Stud Dog

Czarny Bez Moje Słoneczko is the winner of numerous exhibitions, which resulted in the titles:

* Polish Champion
* Polish Junior Champion
* Best Male of Breed (The Winner)
* BOB - Best of Breed
* BOG III - Best in Group - Third place
* Best Young Dog 2008 - 3rd place
* Nomination for Crufts 2008

Czarny Bez Moje Słoneczko is a working dog in Water Rescue Dogs Section.
His commitment to work made it possible to get the titles:

* Polish Champion of Water Rescue Dogs and Working in Water
* Polish ViceChampion of Water Rescue Dogs and Working in Water
* Completion of training with distinction and passed the kynotherapeutic dog exam
* Certifications of Pulling Work – all of them finished on the 1st place in his class
* Jumping from Helicopter :)

In rating of kennel judges from different countries he is: excellent in type and condition...
...very impressive, elegant, anatomically correct...
...correct posture with a beautiful topline...
...elegant dog with a strong male head...
...magnificent quality of coat...
...excellent coat...
...excellent dog in excellent condition...
...head typical for the breed...
... a strong, well-balanced, masculine head ...
...very nice head, small well-set ears...
...excellent bent...

Welcome breeding bitches to the mating.

Baranova NewfoundlandsUK
Baranova Newfoundlands

We are a small kennel with over 30 years experience breeding Newfoundlands for beauty and water work ability.All our dogs are fully health checked for Cistinurea, echo dopplered, elbow and hip exrayed. We have had much success both in the show ring and water trialing.

Kadoris Newfoundland and Labrador RetriverBelarus
Newfoundland and Labrador Retriver

Welcome to a site Kadoris!

We are engaged in breed Newfoundland and a labrador retriever. Here you will find a lot of information on dogs, and also on zootherapy in Belarus.

Labrador Retriever

Barachois Newfoundlands and Irish WolfhoundsUK
Newfoundlands and Irish Wolfhounds

Licenced Breeders of Newfoundlands and Irish Wolfhounds. Black and Brown Newfoundlands, all health screened and superb examples of the breed. All fabulous temperaments in loving country home with 14 acres.

Irish Wolfhound

Les Pandas Des Terres RougesFrance
Les Pandas Des Terres Rouges

Elevage de Landseer et de Terre neuve. Selection sur le caractère, les aptitudes au travail et sur la beauté. N'hésitez à nous contactez pour en savoir plus.


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