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Rainbow Shine KennelHungary
Rainbow Shine Kennel

Pug Kennel from Hungary.

obryi Duh - professional pug kennelRussia
Dobryi Duh - professional pug kennel

We've been breeding successfully since 2005. Our kennel offers pug puppies for show and breeding. Feel free to contact us via email.

Kennel BogarhaziSerbia
Kennel Bogarhazi

Kennel Bogarhazi was founded in 1989. (FCI 7211). We bought the first West Highland White Terrier in the same year and the first litter was born in 1993. The first Pug came to us in 2005 and we had the first litter in 2008. In both breed we tend to obtain dogs from the most famous Kennels around the world and we make efforts to strengthen their characteristics. Our goal is to grow up healthy, well-balanced and happy dogs to make the future owners life as happy as it can be.

We enjoy their company and the quality time spent with them and it's always a pleasure to meet new people thanks to our pets.

West Highland White Terrier

Elevage de la Grange Enchantéepays de la Loire, Mayenne, France Dog Breeders
Elevage de la Grange Enchantée

Bienvenu à l'élevage de la Grange Enchantée

- Boston Terriers
- Carlins
- Chihuahuas Poil Court

Entre Angers et Le Mans, à 2h30 de Paris.

Élevage professionnel au cœur de la campagne, mené avec passion et rigueur. Nos chiens vivent au plus proche de la nature. Les bébés sont manipulés et imprégnés dès leur plus jeune âge pour des chiots équilibrés. Et vous bénéficiez de toutes les garanties d'un professionnel.

N'oubliez pas, une visite du site internet, c'est bien, mais une véritable visite à l'élevage, c'est mieux...

Boston Terrier Chihuahua

Riva RocciThe Ukraine Dog Breeders

Welcome to our kennel! We are very glad to new friends! On pages of our site you can get acquainted with our pets, look at their photo, a pedigrees, puppies.

American Bulldog

Lowriders PugsSweden

Pugbreeder in North of Swedish Lapland.

Kennel Field UnionRussia

KENNEL FIELD UNION многопородный питомник.
Aмериканский Бульдог (American Bulldog), Aмериканский Пит Буль терьер (American Pit Bull Terrier, АРВТ), Английский Сеттер (English Setter), Йорширский терьер (Yorkshire Terrier),  Померанский Шпиц (Pomeranian), Мопс (Mops),  Бриар (Briard).

Kennel Field Union
многопородный питомник

Kennel Field Union
Field Union
American Pit Bull Terrier, English Setter

На сайте представлены наши питомцы, породы: American Pit Bull Terrier - English Setter.

Kennel Field Union Old.Bulldog
Kennel FIELD UNION Old.Bulldog

Olde Bulldogge - Эта порода является, прежде всего- отличными компаньонами, а также обладая шармом, темпераментом и ловкостью быть почти универсальной породой- как служебная так и спортивная собака.

Старо-английский бульдог (Олд бульдог) обладает чувством собственного достоинства, шармом, преданностью, отлично ладит с детьми, превосходный друг.

American Bulldog American Pit Bull Terrier English Setter Yorkshire Terrier Pomeranian Briard Olde English Bulldogge

CKG Pet Masters Of Gimbo HouseLimasol, Cyprus Dog Breeders

Hello from Cyprus,the island of love... we are pug and pekingnese breeders.


Melharco PugsScotland
Melharco Pugs

Home of the Melharco Pugs! Quality pugs with International Champion breeding!

Little MonsterHungary
Little Monster

We are breeders of rare colour pugs and french

Bulldogs, we breed white, platium and chocolates pugs and blue and chocolate frenchies. We are based in Hungary but regularly ship all over europe, we have been breeding for many years and are very experienced in breeder rare colours.

If you need anymore information please feel freeto contact me.

French Bulldog

DezinerbullzGBR Dog Breeders

We are hobby breeders specializing in French bulldogs, Pugs, with rare colours, we have Blue Frenchies andFawn, Black, White and Platium pugs, we are based in Essex, Breeding several litters a year of Blue French Bulldogs and pieds, and several litters or rare breed pugs, we also breed English Bulldogs.

French Bulldog

Tsarstvo Zari-EosBelarus
Tsarstvo Zari-Eos

Pug Dog Kennel Tsarstvo Zari-Eos from Belarus, Minsk. Owner Cherkahshina Irina and Yelena. Breeder of high quality fawn and black pugs.

Nature Dogs - Pugs breederDenmark
Nature Dogs - Pugs breeder

Welcome to Nature Dogs - Breeding Ground of FCI and DKK breed, healthy, strong and happy pugs.

The dogs live as a natural part of the family in our lovely house in Denmark.
Heidi and Soren

Beauty of AnRussia
Beauty of An

Kennel Beauty of An - pug, cavalier king charles, riesenshnauzer, central aziat.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Giant Schnauzer Central Asia Shepherd Dog


Breeder of fawn pugs. Our dogs are highly loved family dogs. We aim to breed quality not quantity.

Jevousaime French Bulldogs, Pugs and DobermansGBR Dog Breeders
French Bulldogs, Pugs and Dobermans

We are a small, family-based breeder located in West London. Our focus is on French Bulldogs, Pugs and Dobermans because of our great love and lifelong passion for the breeds.

We aim to breed high quality, healthy puppies, sound in body and of good temperament, that will be a blessing to their new loving families. All our dogs are raised in our home and used to children and dogs and cats.

French Bulldog Dobermann

Griffonzucht zum Schönen Walde & Mopszucht vom JohnebergGermany
Griffonzucht zum Schönen Walde
& Mopszucht vom Johneberg

Wir werden bei der ersten Verpaarung unserer Amelié einen erfahrenen Deckrüden (Brüsseler Griffon) aussuchen welcher bereits mehrfach wunderschöne und vorallem gesunden Nachwuchs gezeugt hat. In der Regel werden 2-5 Welpen geboren welche in der Regel schnell neue Besitzer finden.

Uns wurde deshalb der Tipp gegeben eine Interessentenliste zu führen. Sollten Sie Interesse an einen Zwerggriffon haben bitten wir Sie sich per Mail bei uns eintragen zu lassen. Sie verpflichten sich dadurch nicht zum Kauf. Wir werden nach dem Wurf dann nur die Interessenten kontaktieren und nachfragen ob noch Interesse besteht. Unseren ersten Griffon - Wurf erwarten wir im Spätherbst 2012 Unseren ersten Mops - Wurf erwarten wir im Sommer 2013.

Brussels Griffon

'Fedjevi' kennelRussia
'Fedjevi' kennel

Pugs in Russia. Yorkshire Terrier in Russia.

Yorkshire Terrier

Mille BassiRussia

Welcome to our web-site, this site about our pugs «Mille Bassi» In our web-site you can found information about our pugs, about results from dogs exhibitions and about our puppies. We have been breeding black and fawn pugs.

kennel WinsburgUkraine

Рады приветствовать Вас на персональном сайте питомника жесткошерстных фокстерьеров мопсов и бивер йоркшир терьеров "WINSBURG".

Fox Terrier Wired Haired Yorkshire Terrier

'Лунный Свет''Russia
'Лунный Свет'

Продажа щенков - немецкий миниатюрный шпиц, той-терьер, мопс.

Russian Toy Pomeranian

Azov Sun CityUkraine
Azov Sun City

Наш племенной питомник « Azov Sun City » основан в 2002 году, занимается разведением пород : Немецкая овчарка, Брюссельский и Бельгийский гриффон, Мопс, Китайская хохлатая собака, Цвергшнауцер.

German Shepherd Dog Brussels Griffon Belgian Griffon Chinese Crested Dog Miniature Schnauzer

Odgajivacnica 'Baby Mops Land'Serbia
Odgajivacnica 'Baby Mops Land'

Zadovoljstvo nam je predstaviti Vam našu odgajivačnicu mopsa "BABY MOPS LAND" Veliki smo ljubitelji pasa i svi smo se složili da to bude Mops. Kada je stigla prva ženka u naš dom osvojila nas je svojom vedrinom i razigranošću. Svi smo je gledali kao ravnopravnog člana porodice.

Kao što mnogi vlasnici čistokrvnih pasa krenu na izložbu sasvim slučajno iz zabave, tako smo i mi krenuli na izložbu. Posle lepih pohvala i nagrada odlučujemo se da registrujemo odgajivačnicu, kupujemo još jednu ženku i mužjaka. Sada redovno posećujemo izložbe a imamo i štence koji će i Vaš dom učiniti srećnim i veselim kao što su i nama naši mopsići..

Kennel DeliziosoSweden
Kennel Delizioso

Delizioso is a kennel of cane corso and pug. We are located in south of Sweden. We are focused on health and nice family dogs for showing and breeding quality. Puppies sometimes available out of healthy and temperamentally sound parents. We have possibility to sell puppies, young or adult dogs abroad.

Cane Corso Italiano

Bulls of ParadiseHungary
Bulls of Paradise

FCI/MEOE - English Bulldog and Pug - Breeder.

English Bulldog

'Russian Pattern'Moscow
, Russia Dog Breeders
'Russian Pattern'

I am pleased to welcome You to my website. My name is Svetlana. In our club I am a responsible head of the small and medium breeds. These dogs, as German petite (Pomeranian) and small Pomeranian, Pug, French bulldogs.

My main goal is to get healthy puppies. In my work I aim to preserve and improve the qualities of the breed, guided by the modern requirements to the breed standard.

Pomeranian French Bulldog

Roxmarr PugsUK
Roxmarr Pugs

Breeders of Fawn & Black Pugs.

Bienemaja FCI Hodowla MopsówPoland
BIENEMAJA FCI Hodowla Mopsów

We are a small home breeding pugs near Cracow. Our dogs are members of our family, their welfare and health are a priority for us. In addition to striving for the perfect look carefully take care of proper socialization of our puppies. So grow up with children and other pets in our home.

We invite you to visit our website where you will find information on planned litters, information from exhibitions, photo gallery. The website also has contact with a map for those wishing to personally visit our kennel.

Des Petits Guerriers TangFrance
Des Petits Guerriers Tang

French breeding pug, excellent lineage, for pets or show.

Magic GuiseBelarus
Magic Guise

Cattery is registered in FCI-BKO and has been breeding pugs beige and black color. Here you can get acquainted with our pets, their show results, view photo albums, and choose pug puppy with a prospect for show, breeding or just a faithful friend for many years. All our dogs live in the house as family members.

Treasure HausBelarus
Treasure Haus

Cattery is registered in FCI-BKO and has been breeding pugs beige and black color. On this site you will learn about our achievements, get acquainted with our dogs, but also be able to buy a pug puppy.

Queen's Hemerlin Kennel Basset Hound Czechia

Basset Hound kennel QUEEN´S HERMELIN fromCzech republic in Europe presentation our dogs, bitches, puppies, galery of champions.

Basset Hound

Kennel Queen's Hemerlin

Pug - Mops kennel QUEEN'S HERMELIN from Czech republic in Europe prezent our dogs, bitches, puppies, galery of champions.

SweetPea PugsEngland
SweetPea Pugs

The health, comfort and happiness of my Pugs are my main priorities. No time, effort or expense has been spared to provide a clean and loving home for them. I breed fawn Pugs which are raised in a loving, family environment. None of our pets are homed in kennels.

Pete Tong Kennel - Pugs and French BulldogsUK
Pete Tong Kennel
Pugs and French Bulldogs

We are Julie and Fanni, a mother/daughter team who breed high quality of French Bulldogs and Pugs for the love and enjoyment of these wonderful breeds. Dogs are family here at Pete Tong Kennel. Remember that you are your dog�s whole world!

French Bulldog

Bellapugness PugsCyprus

The pug is all about playfulness and being the clown of the family!

If you are like a sweet, comical, charming personality, then it's pugness that you need! Here at Bellapugness, we aim to breed healthy happy family members with show potential qualities.

Kennel Kruglenkiy HvostikUkraine

Breeder of biege and black pug. Champions, show results, puppies, pedigrees, lowchen history, photos. Wellcome to our site!

Elevage de Carlin 'Royal As A Pug'France
Elevage de Carlin 'Royal As A Pug'

Vous recherchez un Carlin ? Découvrez nos chiens et chiots de race Carlin (Pug, Mops) Sable à masque noir et Noir de hautes lignées LOF. L' élevage des Carlins Royal As A Pug est membre du CFBTC, le Club Français du Carlin.

Show Pugs and Quality KC Pedigree Pug Puppies. FCI KC registered Pugs Kennel, proud members of the Pug Dog Club of England.

Pug and Havanese Kennel Kronan på VerketSweden
Kennel Kronan på Verket

Breeder of Pug and Havanais.



Breeding and raising quality Pugs, since 2005.

Balas VillaSpain
Balas Villa

We are a family. We raised and breed the, Boxers, Maltesses, Chihuahuas, Americans Cockers, Brussels Griffons, Pugs and Pomeranians. With top selection, in all the Breeds. We live at Murcia, Spain.

German Boxer Brussels Griffon Chihuahua
American Cocker Spaniel Pomerania Maltese

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