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 Samoiedskaia Sabaka / Samoyed

 Samoyčde / Samojede

Samojeden-Kennel of Sápmi SpiritSwitzerland Dog Breeders
Samojeden-Kennel of Sápmi Spirit

Samoyed-site (in german) with many information and links to the Samoyed breed, the polysportiv use of Samoyeds and the history. Furtheron information to Samoyed, Saami and other nordic ethinas. FCI-Kennel and Certodog(r)-breeder.

Samoyeds Iszta & BeamGermany Dog Breeders
Iszta & Beam

Iszta Ugar Sangar & Apollo's Moonbeam Shadow of Severnaya-Sam.

Samoyed kennel SevernayaHungary Dog Breeders
Severnaya Samoyed kennel

We've been breeding samoyeds for 14 years, our aim is to produce good-looking, healthy dogs, suited to the standard, with real sammy temperament and ability to work. Our dogs are family members, they live in our house and garden freely.

White Siberian Samoyede KennelHungary Dog Breeders
White Siberian Samoyede Kennel

Hi! I breeding samoyeds since 1997 in Hungary. My sammies all family members and breed dogs. I spend big attention on it, that from my Kennel healthy and let beautiful samoyeds get into their new home! I've plus my dog cosmetics and big Pet Shop on Kiskunlachza and on Kiskunmajsa.

My Kennel prides: White Siberian Hoymarkana Hritzo, Mystique Midnight Donna of Severnaya-sam and Gentle Prince Yoshi and us.

Samoyeds Vidnavska zareCzech Republic Dog Breeders
Vidnavska zare

Samoyeds from Czech Republic. All about our dogs, breeding plans and shows.

Samoyed Kennel HaletorpetsSweden Dog Breeders
Haletorpets Kennel

We are a small kennel in Skåne. We breed samoyed in a small scale. All the dogs live as family members. You are welcome to visit our homepage.

Samoyed Kennel TunguskaHungary Dog Breeders
Tunguska Samoyedes Kennel

Tunguska Samoyedes Kennel from Hungary. Breeder: Ligetiné Kruzslitz Ildikó. Dogs:
Noth's Star Henka
Ajusa Bilovics Tunguska
Bjelka Bilovics Tunguska
Dimitrij Cirovics Tunguska
Elenka Tofovna Tunguska.

Chow Chow & Samoyed kennel Virta ValoPoland Dog Breeders
Virta Valo - Chow chow & Samoyed kennel

Side of breeding chow chow and samoyeds. On side information about dogs, their origins, galleries. We invite to virtual introduction sie from our breeding.

Chow Chow

Samoyed kennel Snow MajestyCroatia Dog Breeders
Snow Majesty - Samoyed kennel

Samoyed from Croatia.

Les Neiges Bleues d'EuzkadiFrance Dog Breeders

En plein coeur du pays basque, au pied de la montagne, elevage familial avec une selection rigoureuse beauté, caractére et santé, nos chiens sont elevés parmi nous en totale liberté.

Elevage familial de samoyede, nos lignées sont issues d'une selection rigoureuse type, caractére et beauté.

Elevage familial de spitz nain et petit, nous avons des crémes, des oranges et des noirs et feu, nos chiens sont issus d'une selection rigoureuse beauté, type et caractére.

Chow Chow         Pomeranian

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