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Bielkersmils kennelSweden
Bielkersmils kennel

We are a kennel in Värmland nearby the big lake Vänern in Sweden. We like to go sledding with our dogs both for fun and for competition. We also like to go for dog shows. As we use our dogs as working dogs it's very important that they are healhty and have a sound temperament.

In our small breeding we seek to breed dogs who can function as familydogs as well as workingdogs. Welcome to our website to read more about us and to get to know our samoyeds.

Anubis Kingdom KennelCyprus
Anubis Kingdom Kennel

We don't care for quantity but for quality! Our dogs and puppies grown up and live as part of our family, and we propel socialize our dogs and puppies.

Japanese Spitz German Shepherd Dog Belgian Shepherd Dog

Aklaro SamoyedsSerbia
Aklaro Samoyeds

Aklaro is pretty much new breeding kennel that is located in Belgrade, Serbia. We have been FCI registered in 2008, registration number 4764.

We have started to take interest in Samoyeds in 2004, ever since sweet polo bear Celtix Moon- Aki has arrived in our home. As he was growing, we were trying to find out as much as we could in regards to this breed type. We read lots of literature, visited many exbitions within our country and overseas and wanted to know everything about characteristics and looks of these wonderful type of dogs.

We believe that Samoyed should be physically strong, greatly balanced in mind and body, beautiful and should be moving like a wind. We are still searching for perfect Samoyed and that determination makes us look even further ahead.

Do hope that you'll enjoy looking through our website.

Jedie's SamojedenGermany
Jedie's Samojeden

Wir haben eine verantwotungsbewußte FCI/DCNH Zucht. Wir möchten die Vielseitigkeit des Samojeden weiter erhalten, darum fällt bei uns so ein- bis zweimal im Jahr ein Wurf.

Wir achten sehr darauf, dass die Eltertiere gesund sind und eine guten Charakter haben.

Nord Paradise SamoyedsItaly
Nord Paradise Samoyeds

Allevamento e selezione dei Samoiedo delle migliori linee di sangue Inglese.

Artic CobakaFrance
Artic Cobaka

Elevage passion de chiens nordiques. Situé en France et plus précisément en Bourgogne.

Finnish Lapphundd Finnish Spitz

Endry Samoyeds by Nord Paradise SamoyedsItaly
Endry Samoyeds
by Nord Paradise Samoyeds

Allevamento e centro selezione dei samoiedo delle migliori linee di sangue inglese.

Breeding and center selection Samoyeds of the best English blood lines.

Samojeden Club DeutschlandGermany
Samojeden Club Deutschland

Die Samojeden Zuchtgemeinschaft Deutschland.

The German Samoyed Breeders Association.

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