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Samoiedskaia Sabaka / Samoyed / Samoyčde / Samojede

Bamorlen's SamojedenGermany
Bamorlen's Samojeden

Enjoy life and nature with Samoyeds. So we do ... since we have our beloved Samoyeds. We are a small Kennel located in Germany / Bavaria.

'Iz Moskovskoy Metely' Samoyed kennelRussia
'Iz Moskovskoy Metely' Samoyed kennel

Top samoyed kennel in Russia since 2002. We are geat at show and breeding. We breed heathy and friendly dogs. Find more on our site...

Gold Charm SamoyedUkraine
Gold Charm

Our kennel is engaged in breeding of breeds Samoyed.

All our dogs live in ecologically clean conditions of a country house and are full members of our family. All of them have an excellent nervous system, get on well with each other, and also are friends with children.

All our dogs are absolutely healthy. We put all our efforts and do everything possible for the welfare of our pets.

 Samoyeds Kennel Midnight's Wolfs FCIPoland
Midnight's Wolfs FCI Samoyeds Kennel

We are a small home kennel in Poland. They are 7 samoyeds - with us in home. We have only 1-2 litters for a year.

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