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Shar Pei

Shar Pei BonomiellaPoland
Bonomiella Shar Pei

Shar Pei - Breeds Shar-Pei (FCI). Provides show pictures, and story of how they acquired an interest for each breed.

Agapimos Shar Pei KennelSweden
Agapimos Kennel

Breeder of Chinese Shar Pei, both Horsecoat and Brushcoat in colours chocolate, black, red fawn and fawn. Our goal is to have healthy dogs with great eyes, showtype and mentality.

Feel welcome to get in touch for information about our dogs, puppies and how you can become a proud owner of a dog from us. Shipping worldwide.

Shar-Pei ForumPoland
Shar-Pei Forum

Shar-Pei Forum, online community miłośników shar pei, porady, wymiana doświadczeń, album.

Shar Pei Kennel Shira Victory Hungary
Shira Victory Shar pei Kennel

I would like to help this wonderful breed to be more healthy! I'm for the healthy and good shar peis!

de Santo NikolaUkraine

Jack russell terrier, Beagle, Berner Sennenhund, Leonberger, Briard, Shar-pei (lilac, isabelle and blue), Golden and Labrador retriever, American Akita, Welsh Corgi Pembroke end Cardigan - it's ours dogs. We're dont speek English good, but speek Spaine.

American Akita       Beagle       Bernese Mountain Dog       Briard

Golden Retriever

Jack Russell Terrier         Labrador Retriever         Leonberger

Welsh Corgi Cardigan         Welsh Corgi Pembroke

Shar Pei Kennel CHinSHowRussia
Kennel CHinSHow

Shar-pei show kennel CHinSHow colours fawn, red, mahagon, blue, isabell, choco, black, creme.

Poodle         Maltese

Shar Pei Des Ming WayFrance

Beauty, health and best caracters for our shar-pei DES MING WAY. Breeder is located in Paris in France.

Shar Peis TianxiaSpain

Selection, breeding and exhibition of Shar-pei in family atmosphere.

Almudena y David

Shar Pei Chernyi ChizhRussia
Chernyi Chizh Chinese Shar Pei

Top Russian Breeder 2005, 2006 according to rating of National Club, Breeder of J.European Winners`2006, Breeder of Res. World Winner`2006
Breeder of National Specialty Winners`2005,2007
Breeder of Eurasia Champions`2004, 2007, 2008.

We have been breeding and exhibiting Chinese Shar-Pei since 1994, finishing more than 40 FCI championships. All of our dogs excel in type, movement and longevity.All our Shar Pei puppies are kept indoors. From the early age they adjust to the environment in the best possible way. All of our Shar Pei dogs have wonderful loving temperaments and reproduce this temperament in their puppies.

Shar Pei BrekkukotsIceland
Brekkukots Shar-Pei

Brekkukots Shar-Pei is located in Iceland. We strive to breed a healthy, happy Shar-Pei using the FCI standard as our blue print. We have AKC, Icelandic and Swedish champions. Both horsecoat and brushcoat. All dogs used in our breeding program are health screened.

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