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 West Highland White Terrier

Excalibur West Highland White Terriers KennelGermany Dog Breeders

We loved their temperament, cheerful and cute looks, smart, intelligent eyes where you can see the challenge, as if the westies are always wondering: who is the boss here? You or me? You can never be bored if you have westies around.. Our lives are full of play and joy.

They can always give us and surprise us with something new that we have never experienced before. Westies are full of surprise. Their bodies are restless; their souls wonderful, their hearts are brave and their minds- unreachable! To me they look like cute little devils who know how far they can go, but just to make sure who they are always tease you. And they are always so lovely and you can never get mad at them.

Westies have given me many wonderful moments, not just me, but anyone who has a westie. And they will share those moments with all of you who decide to have a westie and make him or her a part of your family. I would also like to thank everyone who decided to have one of my Westies, to take care of them and love them just like I did when they were still little.

West Highland White Terriers kennel Beautiful white peppermintHungary Dog Breeders
Beautiful white peppermint kennel

Westie kennel from Hungary.

West Highland White Terriers Royal Lord FCIPoland Dog Breeders
Royal Lord FCI
West Highland White Terrier

Kennel of West Highland White Terrier - Royal Lord F.C.I..

Griffons, Terriers and Schnauzers Kennel Dinastija LKD-FCILithuania Dog Breeders

Breeding Griffons Bruxellois,Griffons Belge, Yorkshire Terriers, Sealyham Terriers, West Highland White Terriers and Zwergschnauzer Black&White.

Brussels Griffon   Belgian Griffon   Yorkshire Terrier

Miniature Schnauzer         Sealyham Terrier

West Highland White Terriers Sailor MoonGermany Dog Breeders
Sailor Moon West Highland White Terrier

West Highland White Terrier Kennel in Germany.

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