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Yorkshire Terrier / Biewer terrier

Joranza Yorkshire TerrierSlovakia
Joranza - Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier breeding station.

Питомник Веа-СтарRussia
Питомник Веа-Стар

Добро пожаловать на сайт питомника "Веа-Стар" (РКФ-FCI), посвященного породам - пекинес, йоркширский терьер,папийон.

Pekingese Papillon

питомник Босс КонсулатRussia
питомник Босс Консулат

Питомник "БОСС КОНСУЛАТ" приветствует Вас и представляет породы собак: чихуахуа, йоркширский терьер, пекинес.

Chihuahua Pekingese

Alibi YorkshireItaly
ALIBI Yorkshire

In Italy: first class breeding center yorkies as pet-companions. Some quality show-dogs. Alibi's dogs are all DNA tested. Dvd, articles, TV advertising. Sponsor of Italian yorkie portal (Il Portale Italiano dello Yorkshire).

Maryons Home Yorkshire TerriersSlovakia
Maryons Home

Top kennel yorkshire terrier of Slovakia.

Arms LionYorkshire TerriersRussia
Chihuahua & Yorkshire Terrier

The nursery Chihuahuas and Yorkshire Terriers "ARMS LION" (Saint Petersburg, Russia) is engaged in cultivation of the smallest in the world doggie. In their family trees - champions from world renowned nurseries. All our pupils of show-class. They live with us as members of our family.

On the site we represent our breeding dogs, bitches, puppies for sale, their pedigrees, photogallery, the helpful information, short stories about dogs, clothes and much another useful things about the Chihuahua and Yorkshire Terrier.


Anns Hobby Yorkshire TerriersEngland
Anns Hobby Yorkshire Terriers

My web page tells you how to contact me and also about my passion for breeding top quality yorkshire terriers. There are pictures of just a few of my best pups that have been sold and also links to other sites i'm registered with. Please take a look and i promise you wont be dissapointed ...

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