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Yorkshire Terrier / Biewer terrier

Belyi Voin PekingeseRussia
BELYI VOIN Pekingese

Разведение собак породы Пекинес, Южнорусская овчарка, Йоркширский терьер. Лучшие представители пекинесов г. Самара. Результаты выставок, фотоальбомы, информация о щенках.

Pekingese South Russian Ovtcharka

Yorkshire Terrier Nobelland FCIPoland
Nobelland FCI Yorkshire Terrier

Kennel of dogs Yorkshire Terrier.

Hello Yorkies Yorkshire Terrier KennelRomania
Hello Yorkies - Yorkshire Terrier Kennel

A family based kennel, holding the purpose of raising good quality (pet or show) puppies, that are surrounded with lots of love and the best attention!

Satin Doll yorkshire terrier kennelRussia
Satin Doll yorkshire terrier kennel

Yorkshire terriers, puppies, photos, dog show.

Mabonda Yorskhire TerrierCzechia

Yorkshire terrier kennel (FCI) from Czech Republic.

Elevage du Diamant d'OrFrance
Elevage du Diamant d'Or

We are breeding german dog shepered and Yorkshire.

Nous elevons des bergers allemands et des yorkshires.

Nie sme jivotnoved ot German shepered i yjorkshirski terieri.

German Shepherd Dog

Igora Stars Yorshire TerrierRussia
Igora Stars

Yorkshire Terriers from Russia, Saint-Petersburg! Yorkshire terriers - our males, females, puppies. You are welcome!

ПКО Природа-Центр РКЦRussia
ПКО Природа-Центр РКЦ

Tribal Cynological association monobreed and mnogoporodnyh clubs and pitomnikov. Razvedenie and puppies for sale miniature, decorative, offices and hunting breeds.

Chihuahua Russian Toy West Highland White Terrier

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