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Svartwalds miniature schnauzersIceland
Svartwalds miniature schnauzers

We have very nice lines of miniature.

Da VolvoretaSpain
Da Volvoreta

Breeder of miniature and standard schnauzer in Spain. Information about the breed, dogs, puppies and several hundreds of photos.


Spirited Away Japanese Chin and Miniature SchnauzerPoland
Spirited Away
Japanese Chin and Miniature Schnauzer

We are small kennel who devoted our love to suchwonderful breeds as Japanese Chins and Miniature Schnauzers in black & silver,and pepper & salt colours. On our site you will find information about breed standard, breed history,pedigrees, achievements of our dogs,gallery,and much more!

Japanese Chin

Gospodar StayniUkraine
Gospodar Stayni

Schnauzers data base UA, giants training and competition info in Ukraine.

Giant Schnauzer Standard Schnauzer

Zwergschnauzer Kennel Z Bractwa OdważnychPoland
Z Bractwa Odważnych
Zwergschnauzer Kennel

Hodowla Psów Rasowych Sznaucer Miniaturowy Czarny "Z Bractwa Odważnych" poleca sprawdzone i utytułowane reproduktory oraz okazjonalnie szczenięta.

White miniature schnauzers Shadow White de PepaCzechia
Shadow White de Pepa
White miniature schnauzers

Hello we breed white schnauzer. Look at our page. We have a quality dogs.

Tiesto kennelPoland
TIESTO kennel

Miniature Shnauzer Black&Silver, Black Giant Shnauzer, Show Dog Handling from Poland.
Be welcome at my web :)

Giant Schnauzer

Mechta Nataly kennelRussian Federation Dog Breeders
Mechta Nataly kennel

Top Winning kennel of West Highland White Terriers in Russia. At this moment we work on classic English and modern French bloods. We also bred high quality show and working Riesenschauzers.

West Highland White Terrier

Marlango KennelSpain
Marlango Kennel

Top Selection of the Salt&PepperMiniature Schnauzer.

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